epic lucid dream sept 16 11:30 - 6:00am

I was snowboarding with a bunch of friends and then one of them decided to do the biggest jump ever! I was recording all the camera angles… and then suddenly he slipped and fell and hit himself. I was like oh that was fast and this is over. I walked out of the mountains front entrance and saw Raymond and Christy as they were going in.
I was at the casino with my mom and dad and they left me to go play some games. I was gambling in this slot machine that was sorta broken… it was some sort of box that was transparent but u still put money in there. I went to the information desk since the machine was broken inside was filled with nails and such that I couldn’t play it anymore. I saw some friends and she told me she saw my site weekly gaming and referred me to this place.
My friends were in trouble so I decided to go save them. I went back to my room with the box and put it down. So then I decided to go find the culprits who did these bad things to my friends. Soon after I bumped into one of them and I had an epic EPIC fight with them two. Good thing they challenged me one on one. I kept beating his face until he gave up. The other guy challenging me too… I used some ip man style dodging and just dodged everything he had on me.
I woke up from a dream and I was in a dream within a dream. My brother was sleeping on the floor and I had made an epic track to listen to on my headphones. My fans told me to upload it. the track was actually my epic dream that I dreamt wanting to record it.
I wanted to go to the washroom… but when I did I found my brother had took a shit in the toilet and I decided to just pee in there..
Woke up at 6:00 am