Lucid Killer.

I was DEXTER (a serial killer). Anyway, some people suspected I was a murderer. One of them suspected I owned a body part somewhere in my house and I did. I immediately said please hold on as there were cameras at the door. I ran and put the box of body parts under my hamsters cage and covered it with a cloth. Letting my hamster put on a show. They came in and I showed them around. The priest went upstairs and I brought the hamster upstairs. I knew, if for one second they found that body under my hamsters cage, I would be jailed forever.

The journalist went right for the hamster and looked around the small room. He suspected the hamster had something to do with where the murder might be... but the hamster put on a show, as did I. I told her that she was brave... and I was just another person like her. Everyone else had left because they couldn't find anything. I sat her down and talked to her... and I told her I had a life like her, and since I realized she had a certain way of looking that she was actually a lesbian and she could come out now. She was actually a lesbian and she gave in and gave me all the evidence that she had including the camera footage.

Soon, after that I was in the Morgan's house. I sat down and discussed about how some people were mutating and if they touch you, you will begin to mutate as well. Three mutated people walked in and sat down next to me. I told one of them: don't you dare touch me. The morgan's walked into the other room and decided to iron their clothes. Turns out they were their cousins. I picked up a gun and shot at them daring them to touch me again. I walked into the room where the morgans were and said WTF!! Then I was on paypal on a laptop and I woke up.