epic lucid dream sept 16 11:30 - 6:00am

I was snowboarding with a bunch of friends and then one of them decided to do the biggest jump ever! I was recording all the camera angles… and then suddenly he slipped and fell and hit himself. I was like oh that was fast and this is over. I walked out of the mountains front entrance and saw Raymond and Christy as they were going in.
I was at the casino with my mom and dad and they left me to go play some games. I was gambling in this slot machine that was sorta broken… it was some sort of box that was transparent but u still put money in there. I went to the information desk since the machine was broken inside was filled with nails and such that I couldn’t play it anymore. I saw some friends and she told me she saw my site weekly gaming and referred me to this place.
My friends were in trouble so I decided to go save them. I went back to my room with the box and put it down. So then I decided to go find the culprits who did these bad things to my friends. Soon after I bumped into one of them and I had an epic EPIC fight with them two. Good thing they challenged me one on one. I kept beating his face until he gave up. The other guy challenging me too… I used some ip man style dodging and just dodged everything he had on me.
I woke up from a dream and I was in a dream within a dream. My brother was sleeping on the floor and I had made an epic track to listen to on my headphones. My fans told me to upload it. the track was actually my epic dream that I dreamt wanting to record it.
I wanted to go to the washroom… but when I did I found my brother had took a shit in the toilet and I decided to just pee in there..
Woke up at 6:00 am

Lucid Weapons 5:30 am - 12:00 PM

I remember being at my girlfriends house and we seem to have come back from a long trip from somewhere. But of course, I don't know where because I didn't know how I got here. Vividly, I remember that we bought some knives and weapons. They fit into the ground fairly well and the butcher knife seemed to be very flimsy but sharp. There was a small dagger that fit into my pocket, but was hard to hold because the handle was very small... lastly, there was a decapitation knife where it was a V shape with red marks that could fold really really fast. I imagined (in my dream) that I was stabbing someone... I was able to control the fact that I was stabbing him but then it was just an imagination and it didn't really happen in my dream.

Later on I met a friend who seemed to work out and he asked me why I don't work out. I tell him that I am on the computer too much and would rather just sit there... if the computer was closed, however, I would probably make a move and go run around the park or something.

Lucid Killer.

I was DEXTER (a serial killer). Anyway, some people suspected I was a murderer. One of them suspected I owned a body part somewhere in my house and I did. I immediately said please hold on as there were cameras at the door. I ran and put the box of body parts under my hamsters cage and covered it with a cloth. Letting my hamster put on a show. They came in and I showed them around. The priest went upstairs and I brought the hamster upstairs. I knew, if for one second they found that body under my hamsters cage, I would be jailed forever.

The journalist went right for the hamster and looked around the small room. He suspected the hamster had something to do with where the murder might be... but the hamster put on a show, as did I. I told her that she was brave... and I was just another person like her. Everyone else had left because they couldn't find anything. I sat her down and talked to her... and I told her I had a life like her, and since I realized she had a certain way of looking that she was actually a lesbian and she could come out now. She was actually a lesbian and she gave in and gave me all the evidence that she had including the camera footage.

Soon, after that I was in the Morgan's house. I sat down and discussed about how some people were mutating and if they touch you, you will begin to mutate as well. Three mutated people walked in and sat down next to me. I told one of them: don't you dare touch me. The morgan's walked into the other room and decided to iron their clothes. Turns out they were their cousins. I picked up a gun and shot at them daring them to touch me again. I walked into the room where the morgans were and said WTF!! Then I was on paypal on a laptop and I woke up.

Lucid Ringing Danger - 3AM - 11:10AM

Don't remember much from the beginning but...

I was watching a hobo beg for some fries at a convenience store at downtown burrard. the hobo had taken a bottle of sunny delight and the man was very very frustrated. I went up and saw a movie magazine showing Crysis 2 in the front. I didn't put it back properly and the people behind me couldn't get a good look.

I needed to go back home so I took the skytrain. I walked along the dark path and waved my hand against the LCD screen tvs that are on the side of the wall, glowing and showing Crysis 2 psoters and Ironman 2 figures.  When I got to the lobby, it was a movie set for some deserted area. Amazingly so this was the skytrain station.

I actually got into the train station and was not sure if I had to go Eastbound or Westbound. I looked at the direction the top track was going. It was incorrect. So I went to the bottom floor.

The nightmare starts.

Everyone was at metrotown station waiting for the skytrain. but this time the skytrain had two separate tracks - an inner one and an outer one. for some reason it was a very crowded day and the inner track train came. so we all rushed for it. There was at least 200 people on the track. So then we stood on the track waiting for the next train to come. We heard a very weird noise and no one knew what it meant. Oscar was behind me and told me that we shouldnt step on the track. I saw a train come but I wasn't sure which track it was going to be on. But I stepped back up on the platform. There were at least 50 people on the track still. Then suddenly..

The skytrain came and ran over everyone. The sight was horrifying and gory. I was 50 centimeters away from dying. I was in shock.

Another train came, Oscar and I went and rushed for the seat. We talked to the patrol person and asked her what happened. She announced that the sound we had heard earlier was telling everyone to clear the track. I really felt like puking and now I feel really bad.

Lucid Frenemies - 1:50 AM - 11:30 AM

My mom bought some pho. Somehow, Johnny had taken it to his house and asked me to come over to eat it. I agreed and got ready. He called back and said he called his friend to eat it. I was in shock because my mom had bought it and he would get someone else to eat it. I got so mad at him that I set a plot for revenge.

However, my mom just told me to forget it and stuff. That fat bitch would just eat everything anyway. Then Kimmie came over and we ate lunch nevertheless. After that, we went to go see a movie and we drove out through my garage with a car...

The ride there was short. I remember Aaron Wong hindu packed his van and maybe we were in it. After that, they all went in. I went in with Kimmie through this tunnel like thing. There were 3 levels for this tunnel, short medium or fat people. I chose fat people cause I didn't want to bother doing trying. But then, it required me to do a series of puzzles and things. 

I did them... one after the other... I spent half an hour trying to beat these damn puzzles... I got glitched and stuck in here and reported it to the administrators... Then I asked them if I could please just skip the puzzles...  at the food stands.. they said yes.

Kimmie already bought my tickets and we went to rush into movie theater #8 for a Tom Cruise movie. It was full and outside apparently... There were too many people there already so I went to the back and saw that Edward had saved us a seat. Oh of course he would save us a shitty seat all the way at the back of the city where we couldn't see anything. We had to watch the movie through a TV recording the theater.

So we decided to get back home. I dreamed about a dream that Johnny, Daniel, Kimmie, Aaron, and Oscar were going to Aberdeen and just chilling.. I woke up from that dream of a dream and was still in a dream. Daniel asked if I wanted to go to Aberdeen anyway... we went and we walked around. We talked about how Johnny actually went out with this girl named J.H. and did her in grade 9. She was soooooooooooooooooooo ugly that we couldn't resist making fun of him.

We went into this shop and tried on clothes and things... just for fun and I wanted to try on this one suit. Then we went across to Rogers where my Mom and my brother were. They were complaining about how my phones didn't really have power. So they were contemplating buying me an iPhone 3GS but for half-price. It seems, unfortunately, they were gonna buy it ... but it was a dream.

We continued, and the gang went to TD bank for some reason... to get some mesos for Maplestory. Johnny withdrew 20 bucks... I put out my hand and hinted that he owed me something. He gave it to me. Then the viet guys over there, held up their bills of 10$ of 2. They said they wanted to make change and that they needed my 20. I said NO WAY am I giving it to you... they complained that I was a millionaire in Maplestory anyway and that 20 $ doesn't even matter. So I gave it to them, watched their exchange go and don't remember getting 20$ in return.

Then I played Maplestory... I killed a lot of stuff and even formed a guild. My teeth began to clench in real life. I began to feel pressure. I was really close with my guild members because they were awesome people. Then Dimsumgrl came on to play one day and I decided to help her. She was just killing things slowly and I was killing next to her. She then wore a set of yellow things which were rare and worth a lot. I asked her if it was the set I gave her. She didn't respond. She went to buddy chat and asked her friend if she could leave her guild to join harry's guild. It didn't matter anyway because shes an inactive player.

Then I went to kill a bit of stuff and got a quest item for a cape. I found mini cape chaos scrolls 80% and scrolled them... The end. My teeth hurt from the pressure.

Lucid year ago 2AM - 11:40AM

Havent had a dream that I remembered for awhile now.

Again, I couldn't remember it all...

So Kimmie and I was on a date, and one night she decided to go to space. She was sent to Mars for an experiment and I didn't want her to go. She went anyway... and I called her from space! I gave her my video camera and she recorded some footage. It was awesome cause she was in Mars!!

So she came back one night and I missed her so much. But she had to go back... I asked her how it was like coming back.. she said it was gross!! Then she went back.

I was getting home... in a car... going up 61st. Then I was seeing if Shaun really had his party at DT at night. It turns out they couldn't get in and they all stood outside with music blasting and someone talking on the microphone.

I went home for a bit and fell asleep... and I woke up at biology class. Mr. Chang, of course was teaching it.
We learned about a bunch of random stuff and I was playing with a audio program fruity loops.

Then I talked to Jeanine who was sitting next to me and we were recording the audio that Chang gave us and I didn't know how to work it cause there were F and Z keys and I was pressing the wrong keys...

Then I got off class and went to CHEM 12 class... apparently I didn't go there for a long time.. the teacher was ms denchfield and I went to sit at the back next to Shaun. Chris soo was like finally I havent been to this class for like a year! (and it was true I havent been to that class for a long ass time)

So then we were studying elastics in the body and she made us stretch our hands into a princess shape and it hurt so damn much. Then we raised our arms and it stretched far far...

Then we recorded everything and I woke up.

Lucid Lim Kee - 5AM - 11:50 AM

I was at Oscar's house today... we sat and chilled. Then we decided to go Lim Kee and eat some chicken fried rice.

My girlfriend was there, Johnny, Daniel and I was also there. Then Daniel decided to invite some douchebag that thinks hes really cool and sat down with us. We ate and he was cocky.

I really hated him and didn't think he was cool - but of course Daniel would think he's cool cause he's always friendly and stuff right? Then they left and this is the part where my guilty conscience plays in. Apparently, that guy didn't pay for his meal when they left... he had to make me pay for it, thinking the tricks on him... but...

The "cool" guy left his phone here and I sat there for awhile as they walked to Oscars house... His phone was a variation of my Nokia N96. Of course, he would thinks I would return his phone. But I decided to take it... except I had to wait longer. I was also thinking how the guy was gonna stab me and kill me because he was some hardcore cocky viet looking dude. But I didn't care much for him since he didn't pay his bill.

Although it was only 5.75$ for the chicken fried rice, he'd be losing much more money since his phone was here. I went ahead and got the bill and paid for it. I waited for along time for her to get the change... she just didn't seem to know how to get change!!

Then for some reason, he left behind his backpack too... so then I took his laptop. I had to bring home a lot of stuff... my own laptop/headphones and stuff... my girlfriends laptop and stuff... then for some reason I was wearing three jackets! I was stealing and looking shady. This is what i've become. I had to unplug everything from everywhere and get the plugs out of the way. I was carrying a massive load!

The cops decided to come in and search everyone... good thing they only searched the people sitting in the first two booths. They left and I was about to leave too because they finally gave me back my change. When I was about to leave, it started raining.

I couldn't leave then... but my mom worked at Lim Kee so I told her to give me a ride. She agreed and got off work early. She drove me elsewhere... not to home... but to Peterson's house. He was a really really big honger who has a girly personality.

We arrived there and I went in with my bags of stolen goods. I decided to play with his laptop first. Opened it, and saw that he was pretty much a drug dealer with two songs. I didn't want to log in to anything or else he would probably track me. I guess I succeeded in stealing! But what about my friends?