Lucid Lim Kee - 5AM - 11:50 AM

I was at Oscar's house today... we sat and chilled. Then we decided to go Lim Kee and eat some chicken fried rice.

My girlfriend was there, Johnny, Daniel and I was also there. Then Daniel decided to invite some douchebag that thinks hes really cool and sat down with us. We ate and he was cocky.

I really hated him and didn't think he was cool - but of course Daniel would think he's cool cause he's always friendly and stuff right? Then they left and this is the part where my guilty conscience plays in. Apparently, that guy didn't pay for his meal when they left... he had to make me pay for it, thinking the tricks on him... but...

The "cool" guy left his phone here and I sat there for awhile as they walked to Oscars house... His phone was a variation of my Nokia N96. Of course, he would thinks I would return his phone. But I decided to take it... except I had to wait longer. I was also thinking how the guy was gonna stab me and kill me because he was some hardcore cocky viet looking dude. But I didn't care much for him since he didn't pay his bill.

Although it was only 5.75$ for the chicken fried rice, he'd be losing much more money since his phone was here. I went ahead and got the bill and paid for it. I waited for along time for her to get the change... she just didn't seem to know how to get change!!

Then for some reason, he left behind his backpack too... so then I took his laptop. I had to bring home a lot of stuff... my own laptop/headphones and stuff... my girlfriends laptop and stuff... then for some reason I was wearing three jackets! I was stealing and looking shady. This is what i've become. I had to unplug everything from everywhere and get the plugs out of the way. I was carrying a massive load!

The cops decided to come in and search everyone... good thing they only searched the people sitting in the first two booths. They left and I was about to leave too because they finally gave me back my change. When I was about to leave, it started raining.

I couldn't leave then... but my mom worked at Lim Kee so I told her to give me a ride. She agreed and got off work early. She drove me elsewhere... not to home... but to Peterson's house. He was a really really big honger who has a girly personality.

We arrived there and I went in with my bags of stolen goods. I decided to play with his laptop first. Opened it, and saw that he was pretty much a drug dealer with two songs. I didn't want to log in to anything or else he would probably track me. I guess I succeeded in stealing! But what about my friends?

Lucid Thursday 3:00 AM - 1:00 PM

I started off going to D.T. to visit Daniel because he was doing something... and I was bored. I was just walking aimlessly that day. I saw Daniel waiting by the auditorium, it was a Thursday and I had nothing to do. Apparently, Daniel had been working here with some Indian people every Thursday because they would rent out  the auditorium to do some Indian shows. He offered me a job! I was excited on the inside but then I didn't want to say much on the outside. So I said maybe... and I'll meet u at the Bubble Tea place after you're done

I went to get Bubble Tea with some people and I had no idea who. On the first trip, it was with my regular friends... we sat there and chatted for awhile and then we left. I went out and asked what ppl wanted to do... they said get bubble tea. But we already got bubble tea. So we went back to that shop again with people like Kalson and Daniel and a bunch of randoms... the place was packed and it was 11AM. Since it was 11.. the guy that was working was really slow and I ordered something for take-out. I tried to order in Chinese because I didn't want to look like a fob. I had to ask what the Chinese words were and I still don't know what it is.

The drink took a long time to come and at one point the manager had cleaned up the table for us when I said that we didn't get our drinks yet. He gave us back our stuff. Then after I got my drink, half an hour later, more workers came in and the guy that made my drink LEFT. I got so pissed off, but then I left and drove people home.

 I was driving towards burquitlam drive, dropping some one off. Then as I did that, my mom called and said she used 400k bronze to move 0.01 meters for my stuff. I said what????????? So I went there and saw that she had done. It was supposedly something important she had to do.

I went there sat in this prison-like room and she told me this was "Gary's" room (my cousin). He just moved out... it turns out my mom was haunted by ghosts because of the fact that she had to put some stuff together. Now she wasn't. So then there was a flashback.

The flashback was telling me that she had to move these bronze carts with people, but then they went too far past the house and down marine drive. They tried to stop but couldn't and I was in some stage where I had to follow worms.

As I followed the worms, I had to climb up mountains and trees and up and down branches (yes in 3D!) I was cold and wet but I had to follow the worm. As I followed the worm, they could push the cart back up. They pushed it all the way back to the sidewalk and connected it all... but then now, since I got to the top, I got to choose what kind of ghost to be haunted with, there was a list of 300 and the numbers kept falling if I didn't climb. So I climbed and got 33 first... but I didn't want that, so I climbed to #1 and then ghosts started appearing everywhere.

I had to fight, fighting was the only option. My dad and I were fighting these things off, but we regained mana and hp every time we killed one of them with these sticks. They were running towards us endlessly and I had fought them with my friends too... but they were gone. We jumped to this really high area and just kept fighting them. But then suddenly, he fell! I didn't want to leave him, killed a few more, and just jumped down too.

I went down and then we had to go back up, but now the stage was in 2D. I just quit... then I remember going home and watching The Office. Dwight had dared Andy to take a shower in public...Andy went out of The Office into some washroom and was considering to take a shower, but then he went to a womans fashion shop ... I'm thinking La Senza or something, but there were booths for him to take a shower. He went to a booth and sat down talking to a girl...

Then he didn't end up doing that and I was invited to Science World with friends... It was a 19 plus party at Science World... so then I went to the parking lot and got Justin Ma to push me up to the VIP parking lot (apparently he was working) and then I rode on his parking thing and it was fun.

I walked in and I felt awkward seeing John Pham and random people from DT. We went into this 19+ party and they were checking for ID. I skipped the line cause I ninja'd it past the bouncer... but when I got in, there was no one there ... it was just a lame party and we sat in a circle. I was tying my shoes.

Lucid Lateness - 2:00 AM - 8:40 AM

I was late, I woke up at 8:55 this morning, and I had to get to the bus stop at around 9AM. I rushed and got dressed really, really quickly and didn’t even eat lunch. I figured that if I walked it’d be too slow, so I jogged out the door. Half way there, I can already see the park, I realized I forgot all my belongings. How am I going to get on the bus without my upass? I didn’t even bring my books. So I had to jog back home and grab my wallet, phone and backpack.

I realized I had already missed the bus and my girlfriend was on already. I walked out the door and saw the 20 bus go upwards. I thought this was very strange because it never goes up. As I walked up towards 29th, I saw the 29th bus coming this way. I thought I was mad or something… I guess I desired the bus to come towards me. I saw my girlfriend on the bus, she looked at me and I couldn’t see her anymore. The bus suddenly stopped. I suppose she told the bus driver to stop for me. I ran to it as quickly as I could … right as the door was closing, I put my hand on it to stop the door from closing.
I got on, I saw a old guy with a huge beard that stood out on the drivers seat. He was listening to his iPod. Larry the bus driver said Good day to you! He started driving slowly down the steep hill. I was pulling out my upass and I couldn’t find it!! Eventually the bus driver got mad at me and then said good day ?? again implying to me that I should pay to go on the bus. I found my upass in my bag and it was blue… So the bus driver said.. what color is it? Blue? I said ya? But it was supposed to be black.
So then the upass turned black and I said it was different from the ones people had because I went to SFU. I got on and sat next to my girlfriend. She moved over but didn’t say anything. I put on a seatbelt and strapped my bags.
The bus was going the wrong way so he decided to turn into the alley. The bus went abnormally fast and drove into a pothole. It made a huge crashing noise… but we were still fine. Then there was another huge and deep pothole filled with water that Larry the bus driver couldn’t see. He crashed into that and Larry said “Hold on guys!!” The bus had flipped over. I was dangling from the ceiling. I never thought it would be possible for a bus to flip over because it was so huge. Water had spilt all over my body and it was the dirty and murky water from outside. I unstrapped myself from my seatbelt and fell to the floor. I felt the pain as I hit the floor too.
I asked my girlfriend if she was alright but she didn’t respond. I guess in my dream she didn’t have a voice today. The bus had “respawned” to where it was supposed to be originally and in this case, we went back to the 29th skytrain station. So we pretty much teleported to our destination. We saw a huge line for the 29th station bus because it was probably late picking me up and crashing. Larry stood up and apologized to the manager. I told Larry not to give up his job but I guess it was too late. He had already got off the bus and quit the job.
Since that was over, I held hands with my girlfriend and left to our destination.
Side note: after the dream, I had woken up at 8:42… which was pretty darn late. I actually got dressed really quickly and went to eat breakfast. I left by 8:47.

Lucid Gaming Nap 10:50 AM – 11:50 AM

So I was playing DOTA or something in a lecture hall and I had a flashback that me and Johnny had a competition at a robotics meet and we were the best of the best in DOTA. We even had our faces painted on the wall showing our competition, my girlfriend asked me why I had a suit of armor on. I said it was photoshopped.

Then we went into ventrilo, but he wasn’t there yet. So we started the game and I was pudge. He was some other hero like Nerubian assassin. I spawned and decided to hook him but then he was too fast and ran through the trees, juking me into the shop. He bought some stuff and we fought. I rotted him and hooked him but he ended up killing me with 4 hp left. Then he bought another hero (cause in Warcraft that’s what you can do) So then he fought me with two heroes while having a lot of gold. I still had a circlet of nobility in my inventory.

We engaged in battle again but this time he had 50 hp left. I hooked him a few times, but he used his other hero and killed me like that. I got furious!
Then I woke up in Communications lecture.

Lucid Ghosts – 1:30 AM – 7:30 AM

So I was like totally driving with my mother. Then I totally had to move to a new school cause we got lost and stuff. But like, I was so scared because I didn’t know anyone and we were on the west side of Vancouver where everyone was rich.

So then we were like in Vantech or something and I walked in and expected to talk to a representative of the administration. But, there was no one. Only students that were dressed in black. I was dressed in black, with a coat on that wasn’t black so then everyone knew I was an outsider. I also had suspenders on.
Then everyone hated me so then there were ghosts!! Ghosts and stuff and I got scared and the only person I knew there was Chris Soo but he wasn’t really cool cause he is a guy that had other friends. So then I walked away and we were at a SAW scene. The toilet, of course… was scary. But then we got past that.
Then we were in a drug lab with Daniel and stuff. He had this really cool thing and I put jars of vitamin water there. He asked if I tried them all and that you should pour that purple one into the top. We were still at the school cause ya.

Then after that I went to a house, preferably not my house because it had ghosts too. I saw these gothic dolls near the window where it was thundering. I put them behind the piano and covered their faces. The ghosts disappeared… but I was still freaked out. 

Lucid Propaganda 4 AM - 1:30 PM

My girlfriend and I decided to go driving... and she feared driving. So she let me drive her parents GLK. We went to a lot of places and we ended up in the west side of the city.

Then we hit someone's car as we were going out. Turns out, we were in Korean town where everyone was rich. We hit a rich guys car. So then we decided to hit and run... but that only led to us hitting more cars and making our car worse. Good thing our car was a tank, it didn't do much damage.

We were going back home and she was trying to think of a good excuse to her parents. Turns out we just drove it home and it didn't seem like there was a lot of damage. It just became a van after. Her dad was like it's fine lol.

Then after I went home and then my aunt decided to take all morals out of the world. So that means she divided the reasonable people to the people who follow her. Apparently I was still part of her side and was locked in. Her way or no way.

So then there was no dancing, no washroom, no brushing teeth no nothing. So then one night she brought in dancers for us to watch... I decided to imitate their shitty dancing and she banned me from her side of the world. I was on the other side describing what happend and how they could read books and stuff now.

Lucid Performance 4AM - 12:10PM

My girlfriend and I went downtown to shop at Pacific Center and we took the skytrains and everything. We decided to see a movie near PC and it was Repoman... but we didnt watch it. Lol then she had to go to her lessons or something and I went with her. I was part of it then...

It was sort of a choir. I was nervous. I can recall that it was Stoelting who was the teacher but I am not sure... maybe it was Jimmy Kimmel. It was a performance for the Olympics.. and we were going to do a jazz / choir for the Office theme.

So the performance was about to begin and we made our way there.. I got majorly scared and so did the teacher... we all felt scared because I knew that we didn't practice. I had to go take a crap really bad because of being nervous but then I didn't go cause the toilets were dirty.

we finally went on stage but I was just an audience member now. I heard The Office theme in my head and I really liked it. My girlfriend did well and we succeeded... but there we were about to do another performance. We were just on our way back home and we were called to a place near Pacfic Center again!

So the same thing happened in an extended period of time....

then The End!

Lucid End 3:30 AM - 2PM

I dreamed that I moved to a house except this time I was moving to Daniel's old house. It was pretty fun considering Daniel just moved and that we got to go back. I dont know what happend to my other house but we just moved... anyway it was right across parker place and I called Daniel up to tell him the news. I told him hey i'll meet you at netzzzz. He's like koo.. but how u getting here. I told him I live near there! He's like o.o and I told him the news. So I went to parker and got a bbt. Then after we played some games at my house and explored around it because I never went around the whole place... I didn't know the purpose of why I had to move.

Anyway it was all a blur here and then I went out with my girlfriend... I don't remember what it was about and it was a blur here...

I was back in my room and I was bored so I decided to call Johnny and asked him if he wanted to go eat. We did so he decided to drive his cool mercedez and for some reason I drove a rav 4. The parking lot in Richmond didn't have a lot of space and was really random. The parking spots were all for Twinkle... but then someone left and I jacked the spot.

We ate for a bit and everything and everyone was there ... don't remmeber who but then it was pretty cool. I got change and everything and someone picked me up. I said: what about my rav 4??

I imagined a picture of my rav4 being alone in the dark at night and getting towed in the morning. Soon after we all went to my house and we all played counter-strike. My brothers friends were all playing it too and we were playing this really cool map. Actually I think we were playing call of duty... I was knifing the aliens with a samurai sword so I think we were playing left 4 dead.. not sure...

but then I got godmode and someone got quad damage and this was quake now... haha

and then they played shoot the guy.. except u can only shoot him when he mentions something you don't like... so he mentioned luongo. He got shot because we forgot to put more health points on him.

Then after I was eating cereal in my room and everyone finished playing... apparently I just woke up from my room and turned on my computer and my room was in the old setup. So then I tried to turn on my computer and it wasn't working.. the plug was too old and I had to renew it.

I turned it on and got bored again so I called Johnny but he was at school.

Then I went out with my girlfriend and we were on the skytrain counting my coins seeing all the cool ones I had. The end.

Dream or Reality - 3:15 AM - 1:30 PM

My mom and I were checking out the olympic stuff and there were 5 main events. We went to the one in east vancouver and then there was one in downtown, but we only went to the one in east van first because the one in downtown had a huge line up. There were soo many people.

I went to the last two with my girlfriend and it was crowded... don't really remember what happend during the events but it looked like the Ozone.

Soon after, I went home and I decided to make one of my special recipes from Chef Tsang. I began cooking the Bacon and Egg. I cooked them and I had to bring it over to the microwave and make them hot. But then I failed to make them all and for some reason the bacon I cooked turned into hard boiled eggs.

Then after that I realized I didn't have enough material in the first place... because I didn't have the things to wrap it around and the cottage cheese. So I stopped making it and just ate the eggs and half made bacon. My phone rang upstairs and my brother told me to get it. It was playing the electric feel song by MGMT.

Henry Poon asked me to play Dota and I on, but Edward wasn't there to play so it was just me and him. Except, we don't usually play when it's just me and him. So we decided not to play and I just went to sleep. My brother told me, if that door is closed then you're not sleeping. I woke up and my door was closed. Then I tripped out and this was reality.

I went back to sleep, being the sleepy one I am.

I was working at "The Office". There was one point that we were at a meeting and we tried to prove a point. So me, being Michael Scott, broke the glass behind me with a book. Then I came back in and said something.

There was also a contest going on, but then Jim and Pam won it. I congratulated them (I was not Michael Scott anymore). Then after that, we went to get some coffee, but I told them about power naps. Pam had kids with Jim and there were two little girls. Pam then invented a "Sleeping pill nap" thing that works in 5 minutes prior to when you take it. So that way, we don't have to take caffeine.

Pam and I decided to go to her new house and take a nap or something. So we decided to take a nice long walk to her house and ya. Her house was one of the huge Vancouver houses and she could only afford it when she won the 250,000 $ contest with Jim.

It turns out that Pam and I went out last summer for awhile and Jim was next to me. But now she's married and I felt a heartbreak. I said, Pam don't use love these long walks... the nice warm weather and everything. She said ya! I told Jim don't you enjoy these walks too. He nods.

Then we arrived at their house and went inside... we tried to take a nap on her sofas... I couldn't fall asleep ... I was already asleep in a dream but I didn't know lol.

They woke up from this 10 minute nap and then Pam and Jim had a talk... Jim asked Pam if I went out with her before and she replied yes. Jim said This is Not cool... and sort of raged out the door... we stopped him and then we had a talk in front of the stairs of his house. I said... you two are married now... that was along time ago when you left. She was bored and told me how she liked you and everything. Then I pushed them two together lol.

Then I was on my bed on one end, and the other end had Pam. We were in a backalley and an ALIEN was above us!!!!!! I told her to hide and don't look out of the pillows! The alien space ship took time to charge electricity and I saw a flash between the lines of my pillow.. I told her, don't look out!! There were only two flashes over the course of 5 minutes and the alien left.

Some scary shit! Then I woke up.


Pam actually resembled my real life girlfriend because we did all those things in real life!

Lucid Hell - 3:30 AM - 12:15 PM

I was taking a walk on the beach when I met up with a group of people and we wanted to conduct a murder towards these punk ass kids who were goth and emowand wore lots of make up and had honger hair.

My group gathered up and we began to list all of the things about them. We thought up of the different weapos we could use. We got scared cause this is our first time doing something like this. Soon after that We went out and were getting ready for a fight. We couldn't find them and then I was on 1000 ways to die. My way of dying was be drinking too much and then I walked around and barfed. They explained how barfing my stomach acid out could burn my alive. The acid that I barfed out created this huge hole in the ground and I fell into the hole, which also had huge spikes in it.

I imagined myself falling into the depths of hell, hence the spikes. Then my head pretty much shattered. But since this was hell, there was a pathway in the hole. It led to a secret Norway Russian base where they hung skeletons. It was one of the scariest things i've ever seen. But now I was watching a TV show about this and the show host brought me in there with him. Scary shit.

He told me there was one encounter with a life form and that was when he went to the washroom. There was a witch. So then the video shifted to the witch. There was a man walking around like a vampire and we could barely see his face. The guy walked back and forth and back into this corner where there was a broken hole. The camera followed him and then they show host explained whoever can modify this footage can win some money.

The video footage then had another guy in there and we were now in a game. I was holding a wii remote and as I pressed buttons, I was firing bullets at the vampire/witch. The witch started dying and exploding and everything. I cornered it into a little doorway and then killed it. It's head exploded. I thought it was just a little video trick.

Then I realized the whole room was on fire and I had to run out of the doorways epicly like a movie. The doors were closing and I had to open them one by one. These half-life 2 trucks came out and I thought I was playing Garry's Mod so then I shot the trucks... I realized that the trucks wanted to fix the scene.

After that I went back home and I went on /b/, surfed around for a bit and saw that there was a guy on my street telling them that they were too loud. There was a forum post saying telling /b/ they were too loud. So we went outside and began to walk to DT, I trolled the house on the way down the street. I yelled, Fuck! then some guy yelled back with Shit! I yelled... Dick! and the other guy yelled Pussy!

I laughed so hard and I looked at the guy who yelled back and it turns out he is some fat dude on a computer. I walked down the street with my girlfriend and I was wondering why she was here. I thought she was at the states. Then these two little girls ran in front of us. They were holding some sort of chain that seemed to hold their backpacks up. I realized this chain was one of those trick chains that I saw online. At the end of the chain was a magnet.

A commercial came on and began to promote the magnet. A chinese family who had watches... and bottles had the magnet chain things and began playing with it. They flipped the watch and blew the magnet as if it were magic.

Then as it ended, I was at a food court in lansdowne mall. I was buying some asian candy or something with my brother and a asian family with girls were like... oh these groceries are kind of heavy can you bring them to the counter for me. I did! They were like oh you're so strong. I realized that I was in Yaohon now and I needed to go to T&T next door at the plaza mall.

They offered to drive me but my brother and I just walked there.

Thats the end.

Lucid Disaster - 11:00 AM - 1:10 PM

So I was just on my way on the streets or something and I had witnessed an insane plane driver trying to save his airplane.. the plane went vertically downward and when it almost reached the bottom, I looked over the bridge and he had steered the plane back up so that the plane was going upward.

As that happened, the driver lost control again and the plane went berserk and broke in half. Most people died and some people landed near a fire crash. I talked to one of them... two of them were pregnant and were from Malaysia. I told them to talk to Eric Ol cause hes from Cambodia. They checked out his Facebook profile.

Then Eric didn't want to talk to them so he hid his profile. Then I went to his building that required me to go walk up the stairs... I had been waiting for awhile. I was there with Nick Chan and Jenny Huynh. Random...

Jenny H decided to take the elevator so I decided to take that too. There were 8 floors in this building and then we went to the 9th floor. I got scared when I got up there because when I looked out, we were spacing out in the middle of nowhere and were about to fall. I pressed 8 right away and I arrived at my washroom.

I showed her my fish and then I changed the fish water. But as I was changing it, I accidentally poured Martin down the drain. I saved him once but then he slipped out my finger and actually fell down. I took the drain thing out and found him but that made a bigger mistake... because he slipped again and got lost forever.

I got sad and my Girlfriend was there to comfort me. I was still in the washroom.

Lucid Family - 3:30 AM - 10:50 AM

I was driving along Richmond and somehow I had two cars to manage. One of them was a murder van... the other was a dodge viper. I parked at netaholics and thought I could go ahead and destroy some noobies for a bit since I got bored and stuff.

I went inside... but then I talked with a couple of gangsters beforehand and told them which car I drove. Then I sort of got scared and went to monitor my cars instead.. I decided to leave but my dodge viper was boxed in. I said wtf and eventually went to look for ppl to move their cars. I went back to my murder van and it was still there.

There was a ferrari blocking my viper and it moved... but now my car was behind a huge pole?? People were feeling bad for me and I felt bad too. So then I was just walking around trying to find my keys now. I found them... then the pole and the car disappeared and I drove away.

I went to my moms church place and watched her do some dancing. I heard some of her friends talk dirty about her and I decided to do something about it. I skytrained home and waited for the opportunity to go back with her alone. She was thinking... what is he doing here? he never comes to these practice things. I don't. But I decided to be cool for once and watched her practice.

I made fun of her... I could do better than that! I did do better than that. She got uberly pissed but I was trying to be nice. I was happy that I uberly pissed her off. I sure showed her up...

As I made my way back, there was free McDonalds at Broadway station. I got a free bag... they dumped the drink into the bag.. so weird. Superstore asked what free product I wanted and I said salt.

I made my way home and was gonna play some Playstation. I took a straw to drink out of the bag and gave my mom the bag of salt. As I sat there in my old house... my dad was here and I was surprised... cause you know... he's never here.

He told me to put on a jacket and get going. I asked him where we were going and I immediately assumed we were going to my aunt's place. So my brother and I looked for a jacket to wear... I just couldn't find one.

Lucid Gaming - 3:15 AM - 12:40 PM

I was with my friends today. We had begun with playing games. Aaron never seemed like the type to own games. but he had Call of Duty 5 MW 2. I challeneged him and played with him at his house but aska seemed to think that it was his turn and turned the game off. We called him gay and stuff and that he was a girl. I showed him my computer and told him it was a beast and it was able to handle any type of games that would come out in the next 5 years. Aaron said wow. After that for some reason, someone brought me to Edwards house. Not edward, but his brother or something.. we were in his backyard, and someone i think his dad picked us up. He said no problem and any time. I arrived and his mom and I said; long time no see! So then I went to his room and I think we mightve started gaming again. But, this time I played Maplestory again. It's weird how all I dream about is Maplestory nowadays

But this time I went on and no one bought my stuff yet. I figured because my spot was bad. Then after that, I tried to find a better spot and no one bought anything still  I went to the one below and since there was a new patch, the market changed and there was a new stage that we could put our shops on. I went there immediately! 

but then I dreamed about dreaming... weird huh. I dreamed about recalling my dream. I tried to remember what happened before but it was hard to stay focused. I really went through all the events but now I can't remember any of it. I went through it twice in my head. I think I was dreaming??

All I can remember is that there was Russian skating... 

the end.

Lucid MS - 1:30AM - 8:30AM

So before I went to sleep, I set up a shop in Maplestory. Weird, I keep having these MS dreams.

My dream consisted of me getting hacked. My account and all the other accounts in the channels got ripped. Someone had stolen all the items and money. I got uberly pissed and decided to find the person. I went on an innocent guy's account and couldn't find anything. I said sorry. Then I was at johnnys house and told him what happened, he just laughed at me. I couldn't do anything.

Then I realized it was all a dream.

Lucid Competition - 3:30 AM - 12:20 PM

So I had so many dreams today I can't remember them all.

One of them I was watching a Olympic sport. It was hockey without the skates... I think lacrosse lol. Anyway, my girlfriend and I watched the game...... and it was lame, really lame because everyone played by bunching up. Then the guy sitting next to my girlfriend started touching her subtly. I was about to knock him but he stopped after I gave him a stern look.

Soon after, everyone had left because the game was so boring. It was only me, her and the perverted guy left. So we went down onto the field and cheered them on. Then the ref saw that I was standing too close to the line and called interference. Then that was only a warning for me but two other spectators did that and they got kicked out. I said f' this shit and then I left.

As I left, I was in the hallway of my elementary school, Douglas. I walked towards my kindergarden and Grade 4 classroom and told the guy next to me, these were my classrooms.

Then I couldn't remember what happened in between here.

I remember I was a biathlon athlete, but it was indoors. So then it was Canada vs USA. I was horrible, and my partner was very good. I dragged the team down because I couldn't get my shots right. My skiing was jogging at a slow pace. I gave up in the last minute and then USA won. I gave the guy a handshake and the crowd went wild.

Then I saw the China crew talking to the show host. But they didn't know english and I laughed at them.

Then I was heading home... my mom was driving my brothers car and she kept trying to back into the garage. She couldn't do it, she tried like 10 times. I was getting real dizzy and pissed off. So my brother came home and did it in one smooth try.

As I walked into the door of my house, I was tired so I lied down and started reading my book, "A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius." It was 5 o clock already so I was kind of late in reading it. I was never gonna finish it.

My mom asked me if I wanted to go out and eat. I refused to go... but then I got tempted and I went to eat. We went out to some place on Cambie.

Couldn't remember the rest.

Fell asleep again and then I dreamt about playing Maplestory. I was playing with my old friends and I was waiting for them at these really hard creeps, thinking they could fight them. As they were headed there, there was some miscommunication. I was too far away! Then I tried to make it back but I died.

Then it takes me awhile to get back, but then the game became 3D and I was in a dark tunnel with many ladders. I tried to climb one but the ladders were horrible to climb. I died twice trying to get through the map and my friends on Ventrilo laughed at me. It all seemed like I was really playing, but it was just a game.

I got through the map finally, thinking my friends weren't gonna wait for me at the hard monsters. But then, the ladder map had a boss I didn't complete. The fire had to go a complete circle before the gate opened. But, I had to slay the beast. I couldn't do it so a lot of random people in my life came in and tried to kill it. I just stood there looking for a way out.

I took a seat next to Nicole Z, but then I gave the seat to Dalena and I just stood next to some other girl that I couldn't recall. But then, I woke up.

There were more dreams... I just couldn't recall them. :(

Lucid Snow - 4:40 AM - 1:05 PM

Can't remember from the beginning...

I was out, walking with people... then somehow the talk about UBC or SFU came about. I knew how to get to SFU so I decided to walk up the mountain because the bus didn't come. So I walked up the brutal Gaglardi way hill and it took forever! My legs started to feel the burn and everything. It was just one long side walk to me.

Then when I went up to there I already forgot I was going to SFU. I ended up going to Bobolink park once I reached my goal. Someone gave me a ride home from there... but then there were a lot of garage sales! I stopped by one.

There were old people, they were in their 90s. But, I saw that they had some work out equipment. I offered them 10 bucks for the total set since I have to carry it home (it's heavy!). They said well theres more pieces, 15 bucks for all?

I said fine... I brought some home and I never worked out ! I woke up and then fell asleep at 12PM

All I remember about this one was that I was at school... and that my girlfriend was going home and I decided to talk to her when she was walking. It was snowing, and she was telling me about Jocelyn's bday. We didn't really know her or talked to her... but I assume that since this was also near Christmas ... she gave her a present back. What she received were these Caffeine pills lol.

Then for some reason we went to Jocelyn's house and then she had a big party. We saw some people skiing randomly and then it became a big deal cause I saw them skiing down to the lake. They were skiing on the frozen lake!! I decided to become one of those people skiing on the lake, I hoped not to break the ice. Then I woke up.

School - Gaglardi way is the way I go up to school. Bobolink is the way I go home. They are one hour apart from each other by public transportation.

Garage sale.. yay I really want to go to one... but I don't know how this would connect because I haven't thought about one for along long time.

As for the skiing dream, probably olympics.

And Jocelyn? Probably because I went to my highschool yesterday, passing by a bunch of oldschool people's lockers.

Lucid Friday - March 05, 2010 3:40 AM - 11:50 PM

I don't remember much... but here we go..

I went to dinner. We went to Richmond... I asked my mom if I could, she said no because Richmond is gonna flood. I went anyway, being the rebel I am and thinking she has no control over me. I went to a place that looked like lansdowne and I ate with a bunch of people I knew... but i'm not sure I remember who. I remember making friends with this one dude that seemed hardcore, he tried to sell me a bunch of affliction shirts and such, at my house. I was contemplating and I was like ok. So I looked around at what he had..

I tried on a few, I liked this blue one... and then he had some David Chu designer clothing (lol) It had an olympic symbol on it, but it was 400 bucks. I showed it to my mom, telling her that this was the kind of stuff olympians wore.

So then... I asked the guy, i'll buy it (the blue shirt). Then I told him, i'll trade you an iPod for it... and this was the iPod Daniel gave me when he owed me 30 bucks. Then he was like... no I want that iPod! It was a green and newer generation green iPod nano. I was like haha, were you like who the fuck was that when he won the iPod (thinking back to the time Daniel won the iPod in my grade 12 year).

Next, I remember I had to be picked up by Johnny to go to Richmond...... again. So I was wondering if I should stay over. So I woke up from my room and stepped out of my room while playing Maplestory... and I was at his house already. My room replaced his mom's room. He was like: Holy shit, how did you do that?? I couldn't come up with a reply.
I'm not sure if this is actually the beginning of the story and it should go on the top

So then we were contemplating to LAN, and then I decided we couldn't? So we had to do some school project for Law 12. I was working with Eric Ho because he was really smart. We had two assignments. One of them consist of changing the Canadian Anthem, and the second one was to do some Law stuff.

He was a nice dude, he did the Canadian Anthem project while I copied him on the other assignment. The teacher (whom I think was Mr. Fister), handed the stuff back to us. I was frantically looking for my name in the assignment he handed in. Then I found it in the title page.

Some shit happens, then we get called to some ping pong bidding place and this was at GM place or something... I was thinking back on how great my dad was at Ping Pong and can school anyone here. So I sat down with my buddies telling people how rediculous of an idea this place is. Then I was joking around, because they were bidding to donate to African kids. You don't get anything in return.

This idea was so stupid to me! I told them, i'll bid, but i'll bid if you give me a russian bride: age 8-10! So she can be my slave! But then I got yelled at by Ms. Leddy or Ms. Isbister, they both looked the same at the time. She asked me where my bidding material was... I replied: Don't know? Just got here. So I had to go all the way downstairs to where the Koreans were playing Ping Pong, and I found some balls... but no paddles. (The paddles were to raise a bid, and the balls were to show something).

I found the idea so rediculous, it was like 10:00 PM, so I told them I had work the next morning(and I never have work). I went home... but this was a shady home. I came home and I saw my aged 8 Russian Bride.. she said welcome home my love. But then she said she had to go at 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go eat Mcdonalds.

Then my dream ended.

I went to Richmond, well I guess i'm anticipating to go to Richmond in the next hour because Johnny invited me to go chill around Richmond or so and have dinner with the guys. For the guy selling David Chu's i'm sure I interpreted it wrong and actually meant Jimmy Choo's (I remember this cause that song had the words Jimmy Chu's)

Daniel won the iPod in my Grade 12 year, and i remember talking about this to him a week ago.

I played Maplestory right before I went to sleep so I guess that's why I dreamt about it. As for Ping Pong, I thought about my dad while I was taking a shower and how we used to play Ping Pong all the time, he would discipline me almost every day. He even had a table in the garage.

I have no idea why I would dream about some charity though... and the Russian Bride? Wtf haha...

Lucid Day of Worry - March 03, 2010 2:40AM - 11:50AM

I was walking home one normal day... I noticed there was an excess amount of crows... I decided to scare them all by going CAW CAW and running towards them. They all flew away, but they flew only to their friends. I went home.

There was a warning. The warning was to ensure that all your doors were locked safely and tight because the crows were organizing an attack on all humans. I was freaked out. A storm was coming, so I decided to lock my front door early. I knew that this door was very weak because the lock turned by itself from the heavy wind. My mom and I put a masterlock between the doors. But this didn't work. The crows turned into Mosquitos at this point of the dream. I was even more scared, because they could get through the little crack that the door had left from the useless lock. 

Good thing I kept the door closed. The wind kept bursting in and I found a set of chains in front of me. I strategically tried to place them around the door. It didnt work. So I incorporated it with the lock and tightened it up. I was proud of myself because this weak door would finally close. 

Except... my brother just came home. But good thing I told him to use the back door which was un-barricaded yet. So he went there. A mosquito came in... and it was huge! I got so scared and I immediately closed the back door. By risking this, I got stung right in the cheek. I was mad, really mad... but it disappeared. 

Then we had to go out as a family to avoid this drama of mosquito attacks. We went to some sort of night market... I went there.. except I had to take a crap constantly.. I was walking down the street and I found several washrooms. Some of them you had to pay, I went to the kids one... there was a line up. I went to the handicapped stall, except the lock didn't work so I had to hold the door down while taking a crap. How inconvenient... then I had to hold the whole stall down with my two hands. A kid told me, hey this toilet is for kids under 15! 

I finished up quickly, however there was a stain in my underwear.. I was furious! It was just myself now. I went to the airport because my mom worked there for some reason. I was driving... I was deciding whether to take the lane where it said "for people that are leaving..... or departures?" or if I should go straight from the outside. I went to the departures lane... and I didn't even have to park. I simply turned into a human and I skipped the line of people there. I went down a secret stairway and saw my mother working. I went out again to get my brother and we both saw her, we were worried about her.

The woman next to my mom was sick, she had to wear a wig. So this time it was her 8th wig or so... and she was wearing a blonde wig with black hair underneath it. Totally obvious.

After that, I don't quite remember what happened because my brother woke me up at 9 A.M. 

I went back to sleep and I was in China. I remember they were selling fake drinks and fake icecream brands (which I loved to eat). My brother was playing a game of DOTA with his female friend. I decided to watch... then I decided to join in. Except this DOTA was weird because it was very fast paced and modified. It turned out that this was probably OMGDOTA instead of the original. I played anywho... my brother chose "Nightstalker" and bought the mask of death first. He went to middle lane, and I went to bottom lane. I was some random hero that I never played. I saw Techies in the river and he planted mines that were able to shoot out a shockwave. So I decided to fight him and his shockwaves missed me. I committed suicide by blowing myself to him... but it didn't do much. So I said, this is bs! and I quit.

At this time, I was in my room with my girlfriend. Her parents were outside, my mom was outside. They told us not to do anything bad. We took a chance for some reason and we were having some fun. Except that if we did, her parents would punish me. We pretended they didn't notice. I thought it was a trap because if I did anything to her they wouldn't notice. But she kept encouraging me... and [graphic things happen]. Good thing they didn't notice.

After that, my mom came in, good thing we were good and normal people by then. I went to the washroom to take a piss, I went back out and my room was re-arranged. My mom had left, my girlfriend had left. I said why? 

I went outside and she called me. On my other phone, for some random reason, Neeraj called me... but it was an accident because he didn't know he called me. I listened to what he was doing... of course he would be hanging out with Edward and Shaun. They were making a movie. I hung up on him and I was downstairs. 

Then I woke up.

Connections to my day/life
For the fact that my door didn't lock properly, it was because I've been walking through that door for many years, and I noticed the lock was getting weaker. But it does lock properly. The crows, it was because Angela told me a story of how Crows take grudges on humans and recognize you normally.. this was a year ago since she told me that. I constantly scare birds as I walk though. 

For mosquito's, I really hate them. One of them bit me on the chin two weeks ago. The lock... it had been sitting there for since I graduated high school. The chains... I saw them at a street performance in Downtown central library. 

My girlfriend and I went to a "nightmarket-like" place last week, and this was presumably where I was headed in the dream. I remember hearing that tourists were leaving Vancouver, so I dreamt about the airport.

For OMGDOTA, I always wondered what that game would be like in Warcraft 3, as I always see it... but never play it. 

Everything in my dreams connect to my life somehow.

Lucid Fireworks - Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010. 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

My girlfriend and I were coming home from a trip downtown. We were able to watch the fireworks in front of the Boys and Girls club. Apparently, it has the closest view in the city. So I parked my 2000 Mercedes Benz E class (which is my moms) and we sat there waiting for it to start. We both sat in the back seat. The fireworks started and it was blazingly beautiful. Except I couldn't see it all because the car blocked some of the view on the inside.

Drats, I said... The car was fogging up because we were inside. We had the windows opened already though. Maybe it's too cold. I opened up the top view window also so that we could have a better view. The yellow ones sparked out. As I looked down, two Indo-Canadian girls that I thought I knew were sitting in the front of the car. I was cool with it, but then they left. Then a hardcore white guy with a track suit (not sure if he had one) came in. I was feeling afraid so I threatened them to leave. At this time, the fireworks were nearly ending. I was wondering how I was able to back into the grass lawn of the Boys and Girls club without anyone complaining and without the cops nurturing me about this. 

Then a really smart guy that I don't personally know named Pasta came into my car and started driving. His (girl) friend was in shotgun. I told him... wait wait wait wait.. but he drove up Victoria drive. He kept driving. I asked him... where are we going? He didn't answer. At this time I was thinking he was a very talkative person. He was. But not at this time.

So he parked around 10 blocks away, we were still able to see the fireworks. I suppose this was his intention. He parked here because we were simply too close to the fireworks. We all watched through the rear window. Then it ended with no climax. 

Now we are in a parking-lot. It is a huge mess that Pasta brought us into. It was late, there was one car wanting to get out except we were in the way. So he rammed towards us, I got scared because this was not my car. In the end there was no damage, thank god. We were at Dairy Queen, but we decided to go to the back alley, up the stairs to the cement-walk-bridge. We chilled there, got to actually talk to each other. Except, my girlfriend had to go. He persuaded us to stay longer. We talked more, connected and connected with his (girl) friend too.

"Alright let's go." I said
"Ok fine."
"I'll drive this time."
"No, I'll drive."
"......Ok, Fine."

We went back to the parking lot. It was a mess. My car spot was taken by two other cars. I was panicking at the moment, but at the same time I was figuring out how I can get out of this mess. My car was apparently rammed from behind so that the car went half way over the ledge to the other parking lot. Immediately someone who I can't recall (could've been Pasta), started moving the cars easily. One of the cars was an old style (1990s) car, blue. The other was some futuristic half car. 

So I couldn't fix it, I decided to drive the car straight the other way into the parking lot, taking up a few spaces without thinking. I was still moving the other cars so that I can make a way out. However, I saw a patrol cop coming towards me because I was tampering with other people's vehicles. I brought him over to my car.

"So this is your car."
"Yeah... I can explain."
"No, I ask the questions, you provide the answers."
"Wait, I was only here for a ..."
"Did you not here what I said?"
"Ok fine."
"How many car spaces are you in?"
"3... "
"What type of spot is this?"
"[insert questions I can't remember in here]"
"What type of sushi roll is this?"
"....... teriyaki? My favorite... Why are you asking this?"
"you're just stalling time so that you can give me a parking ticket!"

The cop looks at me with an uncaring stare.

Then I woke up to a random phone call.

Connections I can make to my day and life
Well, today my girlfriend told me that if we stayed at Yaletown a bit longer, we could've watched the fireworks. That was probably how the dream came about. For having Pasta in my dream, this intellectual person is in my Communication 130w tutorial and he talks a whole lot. I was staring at him in lecture today. For the hardcore dude, I was exiting the Skytrain and I saw a white male, probably aged 17, dressed in a full tracksuit with a man purse, and a Gucci hat. He was, on first sight, a fagget in my eyes. The Boys and Girls club, represented how I wanted to go home so badly because it is down my block. I like efficiency so I assume that once I finished, I could go home. My mom usually allows me to drive her car at night, that is why her car is in it.

As for Dairy Queen, I had icecream today to soothe my throat since it was hurting. The parking lot scene was a fear because I don't usually enjoy parking and have the phobia that someone might tamper with my car when i'm gone.