Lucid Weapons 5:30 am - 12:00 PM

I remember being at my girlfriends house and we seem to have come back from a long trip from somewhere. But of course, I don't know where because I didn't know how I got here. Vividly, I remember that we bought some knives and weapons. They fit into the ground fairly well and the butcher knife seemed to be very flimsy but sharp. There was a small dagger that fit into my pocket, but was hard to hold because the handle was very small... lastly, there was a decapitation knife where it was a V shape with red marks that could fold really really fast. I imagined (in my dream) that I was stabbing someone... I was able to control the fact that I was stabbing him but then it was just an imagination and it didn't really happen in my dream.

Later on I met a friend who seemed to work out and he asked me why I don't work out. I tell him that I am on the computer too much and would rather just sit there... if the computer was closed, however, I would probably make a move and go run around the park or something.