Lucid Frenemies - 1:50 AM - 11:30 AM

My mom bought some pho. Somehow, Johnny had taken it to his house and asked me to come over to eat it. I agreed and got ready. He called back and said he called his friend to eat it. I was in shock because my mom had bought it and he would get someone else to eat it. I got so mad at him that I set a plot for revenge.

However, my mom just told me to forget it and stuff. That fat bitch would just eat everything anyway. Then Kimmie came over and we ate lunch nevertheless. After that, we went to go see a movie and we drove out through my garage with a car...

The ride there was short. I remember Aaron Wong hindu packed his van and maybe we were in it. After that, they all went in. I went in with Kimmie through this tunnel like thing. There were 3 levels for this tunnel, short medium or fat people. I chose fat people cause I didn't want to bother doing trying. But then, it required me to do a series of puzzles and things. 

I did them... one after the other... I spent half an hour trying to beat these damn puzzles... I got glitched and stuck in here and reported it to the administrators... Then I asked them if I could please just skip the puzzles...  at the food stands.. they said yes.

Kimmie already bought my tickets and we went to rush into movie theater #8 for a Tom Cruise movie. It was full and outside apparently... There were too many people there already so I went to the back and saw that Edward had saved us a seat. Oh of course he would save us a shitty seat all the way at the back of the city where we couldn't see anything. We had to watch the movie through a TV recording the theater.

So we decided to get back home. I dreamed about a dream that Johnny, Daniel, Kimmie, Aaron, and Oscar were going to Aberdeen and just chilling.. I woke up from that dream of a dream and was still in a dream. Daniel asked if I wanted to go to Aberdeen anyway... we went and we walked around. We talked about how Johnny actually went out with this girl named J.H. and did her in grade 9. She was soooooooooooooooooooo ugly that we couldn't resist making fun of him.

We went into this shop and tried on clothes and things... just for fun and I wanted to try on this one suit. Then we went across to Rogers where my Mom and my brother were. They were complaining about how my phones didn't really have power. So they were contemplating buying me an iPhone 3GS but for half-price. It seems, unfortunately, they were gonna buy it ... but it was a dream.

We continued, and the gang went to TD bank for some reason... to get some mesos for Maplestory. Johnny withdrew 20 bucks... I put out my hand and hinted that he owed me something. He gave it to me. Then the viet guys over there, held up their bills of 10$ of 2. They said they wanted to make change and that they needed my 20. I said NO WAY am I giving it to you... they complained that I was a millionaire in Maplestory anyway and that 20 $ doesn't even matter. So I gave it to them, watched their exchange go and don't remember getting 20$ in return.

Then I played Maplestory... I killed a lot of stuff and even formed a guild. My teeth began to clench in real life. I began to feel pressure. I was really close with my guild members because they were awesome people. Then Dimsumgrl came on to play one day and I decided to help her. She was just killing things slowly and I was killing next to her. She then wore a set of yellow things which were rare and worth a lot. I asked her if it was the set I gave her. She didn't respond. She went to buddy chat and asked her friend if she could leave her guild to join harry's guild. It didn't matter anyway because shes an inactive player.

Then I went to kill a bit of stuff and got a quest item for a cape. I found mini cape chaos scrolls 80% and scrolled them... The end. My teeth hurt from the pressure.


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