Lucid Ringing Danger - 3AM - 11:10AM

Don't remember much from the beginning but...

I was watching a hobo beg for some fries at a convenience store at downtown burrard. the hobo had taken a bottle of sunny delight and the man was very very frustrated. I went up and saw a movie magazine showing Crysis 2 in the front. I didn't put it back properly and the people behind me couldn't get a good look.

I needed to go back home so I took the skytrain. I walked along the dark path and waved my hand against the LCD screen tvs that are on the side of the wall, glowing and showing Crysis 2 psoters and Ironman 2 figures.  When I got to the lobby, it was a movie set for some deserted area. Amazingly so this was the skytrain station.

I actually got into the train station and was not sure if I had to go Eastbound or Westbound. I looked at the direction the top track was going. It was incorrect. So I went to the bottom floor.

The nightmare starts.

Everyone was at metrotown station waiting for the skytrain. but this time the skytrain had two separate tracks - an inner one and an outer one. for some reason it was a very crowded day and the inner track train came. so we all rushed for it. There was at least 200 people on the track. So then we stood on the track waiting for the next train to come. We heard a very weird noise and no one knew what it meant. Oscar was behind me and told me that we shouldnt step on the track. I saw a train come but I wasn't sure which track it was going to be on. But I stepped back up on the platform. There were at least 50 people on the track still. Then suddenly..

The skytrain came and ran over everyone. The sight was horrifying and gory. I was 50 centimeters away from dying. I was in shock.

Another train came, Oscar and I went and rushed for the seat. We talked to the patrol person and asked her what happened. She announced that the sound we had heard earlier was telling everyone to clear the track. I really felt like puking and now I feel really bad.


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