Lucid year ago 2AM - 11:40AM

Havent had a dream that I remembered for awhile now.

Again, I couldn't remember it all...

So Kimmie and I was on a date, and one night she decided to go to space. She was sent to Mars for an experiment and I didn't want her to go. She went anyway... and I called her from space! I gave her my video camera and she recorded some footage. It was awesome cause she was in Mars!!

So she came back one night and I missed her so much. But she had to go back... I asked her how it was like coming back.. she said it was gross!! Then she went back.

I was getting home... in a car... going up 61st. Then I was seeing if Shaun really had his party at DT at night. It turns out they couldn't get in and they all stood outside with music blasting and someone talking on the microphone.

I went home for a bit and fell asleep... and I woke up at biology class. Mr. Chang, of course was teaching it.
We learned about a bunch of random stuff and I was playing with a audio program fruity loops.

Then I talked to Jeanine who was sitting next to me and we were recording the audio that Chang gave us and I didn't know how to work it cause there were F and Z keys and I was pressing the wrong keys...

Then I got off class and went to CHEM 12 class... apparently I didn't go there for a long time.. the teacher was ms denchfield and I went to sit at the back next to Shaun. Chris soo was like finally I havent been to this class for like a year! (and it was true I havent been to that class for a long ass time)

So then we were studying elastics in the body and she made us stretch our hands into a princess shape and it hurt so damn much. Then we raised our arms and it stretched far far...

Then we recorded everything and I woke up.


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