Lucid End 3:30 AM - 2PM

I dreamed that I moved to a house except this time I was moving to Daniel's old house. It was pretty fun considering Daniel just moved and that we got to go back. I dont know what happend to my other house but we just moved... anyway it was right across parker place and I called Daniel up to tell him the news. I told him hey i'll meet you at netzzzz. He's like koo.. but how u getting here. I told him I live near there! He's like o.o and I told him the news. So I went to parker and got a bbt. Then after we played some games at my house and explored around it because I never went around the whole place... I didn't know the purpose of why I had to move.

Anyway it was all a blur here and then I went out with my girlfriend... I don't remember what it was about and it was a blur here...

I was back in my room and I was bored so I decided to call Johnny and asked him if he wanted to go eat. We did so he decided to drive his cool mercedez and for some reason I drove a rav 4. The parking lot in Richmond didn't have a lot of space and was really random. The parking spots were all for Twinkle... but then someone left and I jacked the spot.

We ate for a bit and everything and everyone was there ... don't remmeber who but then it was pretty cool. I got change and everything and someone picked me up. I said: what about my rav 4??

I imagined a picture of my rav4 being alone in the dark at night and getting towed in the morning. Soon after we all went to my house and we all played counter-strike. My brothers friends were all playing it too and we were playing this really cool map. Actually I think we were playing call of duty... I was knifing the aliens with a samurai sword so I think we were playing left 4 dead.. not sure...

but then I got godmode and someone got quad damage and this was quake now... haha

and then they played shoot the guy.. except u can only shoot him when he mentions something you don't like... so he mentioned luongo. He got shot because we forgot to put more health points on him.

Then after I was eating cereal in my room and everyone finished playing... apparently I just woke up from my room and turned on my computer and my room was in the old setup. So then I tried to turn on my computer and it wasn't working.. the plug was too old and I had to renew it.

I turned it on and got bored again so I called Johnny but he was at school.

Then I went out with my girlfriend and we were on the skytrain counting my coins seeing all the cool ones I had. The end.


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