Lucid Performance 4AM - 12:10PM

My girlfriend and I went downtown to shop at Pacific Center and we took the skytrains and everything. We decided to see a movie near PC and it was Repoman... but we didnt watch it. Lol then she had to go to her lessons or something and I went with her. I was part of it then...

It was sort of a choir. I was nervous. I can recall that it was Stoelting who was the teacher but I am not sure... maybe it was Jimmy Kimmel. It was a performance for the Olympics.. and we were going to do a jazz / choir for the Office theme.

So the performance was about to begin and we made our way there.. I got majorly scared and so did the teacher... we all felt scared because I knew that we didn't practice. I had to go take a crap really bad because of being nervous but then I didn't go cause the toilets were dirty.

we finally went on stage but I was just an audience member now. I heard The Office theme in my head and I really liked it. My girlfriend did well and we succeeded... but there we were about to do another performance. We were just on our way back home and we were called to a place near Pacfic Center again!

So the same thing happened in an extended period of time....

then The End!


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