Dream or Reality - 3:15 AM - 1:30 PM

My mom and I were checking out the olympic stuff and there were 5 main events. We went to the one in east vancouver and then there was one in downtown, but we only went to the one in east van first because the one in downtown had a huge line up. There were soo many people.

I went to the last two with my girlfriend and it was crowded... don't really remember what happend during the events but it looked like the Ozone.

Soon after, I went home and I decided to make one of my special recipes from Chef Tsang. I began cooking the Bacon and Egg. I cooked them and I had to bring it over to the microwave and make them hot. But then I failed to make them all and for some reason the bacon I cooked turned into hard boiled eggs.

Then after that I realized I didn't have enough material in the first place... because I didn't have the things to wrap it around and the cottage cheese. So I stopped making it and just ate the eggs and half made bacon. My phone rang upstairs and my brother told me to get it. It was playing the electric feel song by MGMT.

Henry Poon asked me to play Dota and I on, but Edward wasn't there to play so it was just me and him. Except, we don't usually play when it's just me and him. So we decided not to play and I just went to sleep. My brother told me, if that door is closed then you're not sleeping. I woke up and my door was closed. Then I tripped out and this was reality.

I went back to sleep, being the sleepy one I am.

I was working at "The Office". There was one point that we were at a meeting and we tried to prove a point. So me, being Michael Scott, broke the glass behind me with a book. Then I came back in and said something.

There was also a contest going on, but then Jim and Pam won it. I congratulated them (I was not Michael Scott anymore). Then after that, we went to get some coffee, but I told them about power naps. Pam had kids with Jim and there were two little girls. Pam then invented a "Sleeping pill nap" thing that works in 5 minutes prior to when you take it. So that way, we don't have to take caffeine.

Pam and I decided to go to her new house and take a nap or something. So we decided to take a nice long walk to her house and ya. Her house was one of the huge Vancouver houses and she could only afford it when she won the 250,000 $ contest with Jim.

It turns out that Pam and I went out last summer for awhile and Jim was next to me. But now she's married and I felt a heartbreak. I said, Pam don't use love these long walks... the nice warm weather and everything. She said ya! I told Jim don't you enjoy these walks too. He nods.

Then we arrived at their house and went inside... we tried to take a nap on her sofas... I couldn't fall asleep ... I was already asleep in a dream but I didn't know lol.

They woke up from this 10 minute nap and then Pam and Jim had a talk... Jim asked Pam if I went out with her before and she replied yes. Jim said This is Not cool... and sort of raged out the door... we stopped him and then we had a talk in front of the stairs of his house. I said... you two are married now... that was along time ago when you left. She was bored and told me how she liked you and everything. Then I pushed them two together lol.

Then I was on my bed on one end, and the other end had Pam. We were in a backalley and an ALIEN was above us!!!!!! I told her to hide and don't look out of the pillows! The alien space ship took time to charge electricity and I saw a flash between the lines of my pillow.. I told her, don't look out!! There were only two flashes over the course of 5 minutes and the alien left.

Some scary shit! Then I woke up.


Pam actually resembled my real life girlfriend because we did all those things in real life!


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