Lucid Day of Worry - March 03, 2010 2:40AM - 11:50AM

I was walking home one normal day... I noticed there was an excess amount of crows... I decided to scare them all by going CAW CAW and running towards them. They all flew away, but they flew only to their friends. I went home.

There was a warning. The warning was to ensure that all your doors were locked safely and tight because the crows were organizing an attack on all humans. I was freaked out. A storm was coming, so I decided to lock my front door early. I knew that this door was very weak because the lock turned by itself from the heavy wind. My mom and I put a masterlock between the doors. But this didn't work. The crows turned into Mosquitos at this point of the dream. I was even more scared, because they could get through the little crack that the door had left from the useless lock. 

Good thing I kept the door closed. The wind kept bursting in and I found a set of chains in front of me. I strategically tried to place them around the door. It didnt work. So I incorporated it with the lock and tightened it up. I was proud of myself because this weak door would finally close. 

Except... my brother just came home. But good thing I told him to use the back door which was un-barricaded yet. So he went there. A mosquito came in... and it was huge! I got so scared and I immediately closed the back door. By risking this, I got stung right in the cheek. I was mad, really mad... but it disappeared. 

Then we had to go out as a family to avoid this drama of mosquito attacks. We went to some sort of night market... I went there.. except I had to take a crap constantly.. I was walking down the street and I found several washrooms. Some of them you had to pay, I went to the kids one... there was a line up. I went to the handicapped stall, except the lock didn't work so I had to hold the door down while taking a crap. How inconvenient... then I had to hold the whole stall down with my two hands. A kid told me, hey this toilet is for kids under 15! 

I finished up quickly, however there was a stain in my underwear.. I was furious! It was just myself now. I went to the airport because my mom worked there for some reason. I was driving... I was deciding whether to take the lane where it said "for people that are leaving..... or departures?" or if I should go straight from the outside. I went to the departures lane... and I didn't even have to park. I simply turned into a human and I skipped the line of people there. I went down a secret stairway and saw my mother working. I went out again to get my brother and we both saw her, we were worried about her.

The woman next to my mom was sick, she had to wear a wig. So this time it was her 8th wig or so... and she was wearing a blonde wig with black hair underneath it. Totally obvious.

After that, I don't quite remember what happened because my brother woke me up at 9 A.M. 

I went back to sleep and I was in China. I remember they were selling fake drinks and fake icecream brands (which I loved to eat). My brother was playing a game of DOTA with his female friend. I decided to watch... then I decided to join in. Except this DOTA was weird because it was very fast paced and modified. It turned out that this was probably OMGDOTA instead of the original. I played anywho... my brother chose "Nightstalker" and bought the mask of death first. He went to middle lane, and I went to bottom lane. I was some random hero that I never played. I saw Techies in the river and he planted mines that were able to shoot out a shockwave. So I decided to fight him and his shockwaves missed me. I committed suicide by blowing myself to him... but it didn't do much. So I said, this is bs! and I quit.

At this time, I was in my room with my girlfriend. Her parents were outside, my mom was outside. They told us not to do anything bad. We took a chance for some reason and we were having some fun. Except that if we did, her parents would punish me. We pretended they didn't notice. I thought it was a trap because if I did anything to her they wouldn't notice. But she kept encouraging me... and [graphic things happen]. Good thing they didn't notice.

After that, my mom came in, good thing we were good and normal people by then. I went to the washroom to take a piss, I went back out and my room was re-arranged. My mom had left, my girlfriend had left. I said why? 

I went outside and she called me. On my other phone, for some random reason, Neeraj called me... but it was an accident because he didn't know he called me. I listened to what he was doing... of course he would be hanging out with Edward and Shaun. They were making a movie. I hung up on him and I was downstairs. 

Then I woke up.

Connections to my day/life
For the fact that my door didn't lock properly, it was because I've been walking through that door for many years, and I noticed the lock was getting weaker. But it does lock properly. The crows, it was because Angela told me a story of how Crows take grudges on humans and recognize you normally.. this was a year ago since she told me that. I constantly scare birds as I walk though. 

For mosquito's, I really hate them. One of them bit me on the chin two weeks ago. The lock... it had been sitting there for since I graduated high school. The chains... I saw them at a street performance in Downtown central library. 

My girlfriend and I went to a "nightmarket-like" place last week, and this was presumably where I was headed in the dream. I remember hearing that tourists were leaving Vancouver, so I dreamt about the airport.

For OMGDOTA, I always wondered what that game would be like in Warcraft 3, as I always see it... but never play it. 

Everything in my dreams connect to my life somehow.


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