Lucid Lateness - 2:00 AM - 8:40 AM

I was late, I woke up at 8:55 this morning, and I had to get to the bus stop at around 9AM. I rushed and got dressed really, really quickly and didn’t even eat lunch. I figured that if I walked it’d be too slow, so I jogged out the door. Half way there, I can already see the park, I realized I forgot all my belongings. How am I going to get on the bus without my upass? I didn’t even bring my books. So I had to jog back home and grab my wallet, phone and backpack.

I realized I had already missed the bus and my girlfriend was on already. I walked out the door and saw the 20 bus go upwards. I thought this was very strange because it never goes up. As I walked up towards 29th, I saw the 29th bus coming this way. I thought I was mad or something… I guess I desired the bus to come towards me. I saw my girlfriend on the bus, she looked at me and I couldn’t see her anymore. The bus suddenly stopped. I suppose she told the bus driver to stop for me. I ran to it as quickly as I could … right as the door was closing, I put my hand on it to stop the door from closing.
I got on, I saw a old guy with a huge beard that stood out on the drivers seat. He was listening to his iPod. Larry the bus driver said Good day to you! He started driving slowly down the steep hill. I was pulling out my upass and I couldn’t find it!! Eventually the bus driver got mad at me and then said good day ?? again implying to me that I should pay to go on the bus. I found my upass in my bag and it was blue… So the bus driver said.. what color is it? Blue? I said ya? But it was supposed to be black.
So then the upass turned black and I said it was different from the ones people had because I went to SFU. I got on and sat next to my girlfriend. She moved over but didn’t say anything. I put on a seatbelt and strapped my bags.
The bus was going the wrong way so he decided to turn into the alley. The bus went abnormally fast and drove into a pothole. It made a huge crashing noise… but we were still fine. Then there was another huge and deep pothole filled with water that Larry the bus driver couldn’t see. He crashed into that and Larry said “Hold on guys!!” The bus had flipped over. I was dangling from the ceiling. I never thought it would be possible for a bus to flip over because it was so huge. Water had spilt all over my body and it was the dirty and murky water from outside. I unstrapped myself from my seatbelt and fell to the floor. I felt the pain as I hit the floor too.
I asked my girlfriend if she was alright but she didn’t respond. I guess in my dream she didn’t have a voice today. The bus had “respawned” to where it was supposed to be originally and in this case, we went back to the 29th skytrain station. So we pretty much teleported to our destination. We saw a huge line for the 29th station bus because it was probably late picking me up and crashing. Larry stood up and apologized to the manager. I told Larry not to give up his job but I guess it was too late. He had already got off the bus and quit the job.
Since that was over, I held hands with my girlfriend and left to our destination.
Side note: after the dream, I had woken up at 8:42… which was pretty darn late. I actually got dressed really quickly and went to eat breakfast. I left by 8:47.


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