Lucid Disaster - 11:00 AM - 1:10 PM

So I was just on my way on the streets or something and I had witnessed an insane plane driver trying to save his airplane.. the plane went vertically downward and when it almost reached the bottom, I looked over the bridge and he had steered the plane back up so that the plane was going upward.

As that happened, the driver lost control again and the plane went berserk and broke in half. Most people died and some people landed near a fire crash. I talked to one of them... two of them were pregnant and were from Malaysia. I told them to talk to Eric Ol cause hes from Cambodia. They checked out his Facebook profile.

Then Eric didn't want to talk to them so he hid his profile. Then I went to his building that required me to go walk up the stairs... I had been waiting for awhile. I was there with Nick Chan and Jenny Huynh. Random...

Jenny H decided to take the elevator so I decided to take that too. There were 8 floors in this building and then we went to the 9th floor. I got scared when I got up there because when I looked out, we were spacing out in the middle of nowhere and were about to fall. I pressed 8 right away and I arrived at my washroom.

I showed her my fish and then I changed the fish water. But as I was changing it, I accidentally poured Martin down the drain. I saved him once but then he slipped out my finger and actually fell down. I took the drain thing out and found him but that made a bigger mistake... because he slipped again and got lost forever.

I got sad and my Girlfriend was there to comfort me. I was still in the washroom.


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