Lucid Gaming - 3:15 AM - 12:40 PM

I was with my friends today. We had begun with playing games. Aaron never seemed like the type to own games. but he had Call of Duty 5 MW 2. I challeneged him and played with him at his house but aska seemed to think that it was his turn and turned the game off. We called him gay and stuff and that he was a girl. I showed him my computer and told him it was a beast and it was able to handle any type of games that would come out in the next 5 years. Aaron said wow. After that for some reason, someone brought me to Edwards house. Not edward, but his brother or something.. we were in his backyard, and someone i think his dad picked us up. He said no problem and any time. I arrived and his mom and I said; long time no see! So then I went to his room and I think we mightve started gaming again. But, this time I played Maplestory again. It's weird how all I dream about is Maplestory nowadays

But this time I went on and no one bought my stuff yet. I figured because my spot was bad. Then after that, I tried to find a better spot and no one bought anything still  I went to the one below and since there was a new patch, the market changed and there was a new stage that we could put our shops on. I went there immediately! 

but then I dreamed about dreaming... weird huh. I dreamed about recalling my dream. I tried to remember what happened before but it was hard to stay focused. I really went through all the events but now I can't remember any of it. I went through it twice in my head. I think I was dreaming??

All I can remember is that there was Russian skating... 

the end.


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