Lucid Gaming Nap 10:50 AM – 11:50 AM

So I was playing DOTA or something in a lecture hall and I had a flashback that me and Johnny had a competition at a robotics meet and we were the best of the best in DOTA. We even had our faces painted on the wall showing our competition, my girlfriend asked me why I had a suit of armor on. I said it was photoshopped.

Then we went into ventrilo, but he wasn’t there yet. So we started the game and I was pudge. He was some other hero like Nerubian assassin. I spawned and decided to hook him but then he was too fast and ran through the trees, juking me into the shop. He bought some stuff and we fought. I rotted him and hooked him but he ended up killing me with 4 hp left. Then he bought another hero (cause in Warcraft that’s what you can do) So then he fought me with two heroes while having a lot of gold. I still had a circlet of nobility in my inventory.

We engaged in battle again but this time he had 50 hp left. I hooked him a few times, but he used his other hero and killed me like that. I got furious!
Then I woke up in Communications lecture.


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