Lucid Snow - 4:40 AM - 1:05 PM

Can't remember from the beginning...

I was out, walking with people... then somehow the talk about UBC or SFU came about. I knew how to get to SFU so I decided to walk up the mountain because the bus didn't come. So I walked up the brutal Gaglardi way hill and it took forever! My legs started to feel the burn and everything. It was just one long side walk to me.

Then when I went up to there I already forgot I was going to SFU. I ended up going to Bobolink park once I reached my goal. Someone gave me a ride home from there... but then there were a lot of garage sales! I stopped by one.

There were old people, they were in their 90s. But, I saw that they had some work out equipment. I offered them 10 bucks for the total set since I have to carry it home (it's heavy!). They said well theres more pieces, 15 bucks for all?

I said fine... I brought some home and I never worked out ! I woke up and then fell asleep at 12PM

All I remember about this one was that I was at school... and that my girlfriend was going home and I decided to talk to her when she was walking. It was snowing, and she was telling me about Jocelyn's bday. We didn't really know her or talked to her... but I assume that since this was also near Christmas ... she gave her a present back. What she received were these Caffeine pills lol.

Then for some reason we went to Jocelyn's house and then she had a big party. We saw some people skiing randomly and then it became a big deal cause I saw them skiing down to the lake. They were skiing on the frozen lake!! I decided to become one of those people skiing on the lake, I hoped not to break the ice. Then I woke up.

School - Gaglardi way is the way I go up to school. Bobolink is the way I go home. They are one hour apart from each other by public transportation.

Garage sale.. yay I really want to go to one... but I don't know how this would connect because I haven't thought about one for along long time.

As for the skiing dream, probably olympics.

And Jocelyn? Probably because I went to my highschool yesterday, passing by a bunch of oldschool people's lockers.


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