Lucid Competition - 3:30 AM - 12:20 PM

So I had so many dreams today I can't remember them all.

One of them I was watching a Olympic sport. It was hockey without the skates... I think lacrosse lol. Anyway, my girlfriend and I watched the game...... and it was lame, really lame because everyone played by bunching up. Then the guy sitting next to my girlfriend started touching her subtly. I was about to knock him but he stopped after I gave him a stern look.

Soon after, everyone had left because the game was so boring. It was only me, her and the perverted guy left. So we went down onto the field and cheered them on. Then the ref saw that I was standing too close to the line and called interference. Then that was only a warning for me but two other spectators did that and they got kicked out. I said f' this shit and then I left.

As I left, I was in the hallway of my elementary school, Douglas. I walked towards my kindergarden and Grade 4 classroom and told the guy next to me, these were my classrooms.

Then I couldn't remember what happened in between here.

I remember I was a biathlon athlete, but it was indoors. So then it was Canada vs USA. I was horrible, and my partner was very good. I dragged the team down because I couldn't get my shots right. My skiing was jogging at a slow pace. I gave up in the last minute and then USA won. I gave the guy a handshake and the crowd went wild.

Then I saw the China crew talking to the show host. But they didn't know english and I laughed at them.

Then I was heading home... my mom was driving my brothers car and she kept trying to back into the garage. She couldn't do it, she tried like 10 times. I was getting real dizzy and pissed off. So my brother came home and did it in one smooth try.

As I walked into the door of my house, I was tired so I lied down and started reading my book, "A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius." It was 5 o clock already so I was kind of late in reading it. I was never gonna finish it.

My mom asked me if I wanted to go out and eat. I refused to go... but then I got tempted and I went to eat. We went out to some place on Cambie.

Couldn't remember the rest.

Fell asleep again and then I dreamt about playing Maplestory. I was playing with my old friends and I was waiting for them at these really hard creeps, thinking they could fight them. As they were headed there, there was some miscommunication. I was too far away! Then I tried to make it back but I died.

Then it takes me awhile to get back, but then the game became 3D and I was in a dark tunnel with many ladders. I tried to climb one but the ladders were horrible to climb. I died twice trying to get through the map and my friends on Ventrilo laughed at me. It all seemed like I was really playing, but it was just a game.

I got through the map finally, thinking my friends weren't gonna wait for me at the hard monsters. But then, the ladder map had a boss I didn't complete. The fire had to go a complete circle before the gate opened. But, I had to slay the beast. I couldn't do it so a lot of random people in my life came in and tried to kill it. I just stood there looking for a way out.

I took a seat next to Nicole Z, but then I gave the seat to Dalena and I just stood next to some other girl that I couldn't recall. But then, I woke up.

There were more dreams... I just couldn't recall them. :(


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