Lucid Family - 3:30 AM - 10:50 AM

I was driving along Richmond and somehow I had two cars to manage. One of them was a murder van... the other was a dodge viper. I parked at netaholics and thought I could go ahead and destroy some noobies for a bit since I got bored and stuff.

I went inside... but then I talked with a couple of gangsters beforehand and told them which car I drove. Then I sort of got scared and went to monitor my cars instead.. I decided to leave but my dodge viper was boxed in. I said wtf and eventually went to look for ppl to move their cars. I went back to my murder van and it was still there.

There was a ferrari blocking my viper and it moved... but now my car was behind a huge pole?? People were feeling bad for me and I felt bad too. So then I was just walking around trying to find my keys now. I found them... then the pole and the car disappeared and I drove away.

I went to my moms church place and watched her do some dancing. I heard some of her friends talk dirty about her and I decided to do something about it. I skytrained home and waited for the opportunity to go back with her alone. She was thinking... what is he doing here? he never comes to these practice things. I don't. But I decided to be cool for once and watched her practice.

I made fun of her... I could do better than that! I did do better than that. She got uberly pissed but I was trying to be nice. I was happy that I uberly pissed her off. I sure showed her up...

As I made my way back, there was free McDonalds at Broadway station. I got a free bag... they dumped the drink into the bag.. so weird. Superstore asked what free product I wanted and I said salt.

I made my way home and was gonna play some Playstation. I took a straw to drink out of the bag and gave my mom the bag of salt. As I sat there in my old house... my dad was here and I was surprised... cause you know... he's never here.

He told me to put on a jacket and get going. I asked him where we were going and I immediately assumed we were going to my aunt's place. So my brother and I looked for a jacket to wear... I just couldn't find one.


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