Lucid Friday - March 05, 2010 3:40 AM - 11:50 PM

I don't remember much... but here we go..

I went to dinner. We went to Richmond... I asked my mom if I could, she said no because Richmond is gonna flood. I went anyway, being the rebel I am and thinking she has no control over me. I went to a place that looked like lansdowne and I ate with a bunch of people I knew... but i'm not sure I remember who. I remember making friends with this one dude that seemed hardcore, he tried to sell me a bunch of affliction shirts and such, at my house. I was contemplating and I was like ok. So I looked around at what he had..

I tried on a few, I liked this blue one... and then he had some David Chu designer clothing (lol) It had an olympic symbol on it, but it was 400 bucks. I showed it to my mom, telling her that this was the kind of stuff olympians wore.

So then... I asked the guy, i'll buy it (the blue shirt). Then I told him, i'll trade you an iPod for it... and this was the iPod Daniel gave me when he owed me 30 bucks. Then he was like... no I want that iPod! It was a green and newer generation green iPod nano. I was like haha, were you like who the fuck was that when he won the iPod (thinking back to the time Daniel won the iPod in my grade 12 year).

Next, I remember I had to be picked up by Johnny to go to Richmond...... again. So I was wondering if I should stay over. So I woke up from my room and stepped out of my room while playing Maplestory... and I was at his house already. My room replaced his mom's room. He was like: Holy shit, how did you do that?? I couldn't come up with a reply.
I'm not sure if this is actually the beginning of the story and it should go on the top

So then we were contemplating to LAN, and then I decided we couldn't? So we had to do some school project for Law 12. I was working with Eric Ho because he was really smart. We had two assignments. One of them consist of changing the Canadian Anthem, and the second one was to do some Law stuff.

He was a nice dude, he did the Canadian Anthem project while I copied him on the other assignment. The teacher (whom I think was Mr. Fister), handed the stuff back to us. I was frantically looking for my name in the assignment he handed in. Then I found it in the title page.

Some shit happens, then we get called to some ping pong bidding place and this was at GM place or something... I was thinking back on how great my dad was at Ping Pong and can school anyone here. So I sat down with my buddies telling people how rediculous of an idea this place is. Then I was joking around, because they were bidding to donate to African kids. You don't get anything in return.

This idea was so stupid to me! I told them, i'll bid, but i'll bid if you give me a russian bride: age 8-10! So she can be my slave! But then I got yelled at by Ms. Leddy or Ms. Isbister, they both looked the same at the time. She asked me where my bidding material was... I replied: Don't know? Just got here. So I had to go all the way downstairs to where the Koreans were playing Ping Pong, and I found some balls... but no paddles. (The paddles were to raise a bid, and the balls were to show something).

I found the idea so rediculous, it was like 10:00 PM, so I told them I had work the next morning(and I never have work). I went home... but this was a shady home. I came home and I saw my aged 8 Russian Bride.. she said welcome home my love. But then she said she had to go at 11:30 and asked if I wanted to go eat Mcdonalds.

Then my dream ended.

I went to Richmond, well I guess i'm anticipating to go to Richmond in the next hour because Johnny invited me to go chill around Richmond or so and have dinner with the guys. For the guy selling David Chu's i'm sure I interpreted it wrong and actually meant Jimmy Choo's (I remember this cause that song had the words Jimmy Chu's)

Daniel won the iPod in my Grade 12 year, and i remember talking about this to him a week ago.

I played Maplestory right before I went to sleep so I guess that's why I dreamt about it. As for Ping Pong, I thought about my dad while I was taking a shower and how we used to play Ping Pong all the time, he would discipline me almost every day. He even had a table in the garage.

I have no idea why I would dream about some charity though... and the Russian Bride? Wtf haha...


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