Lucid Fireworks - Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010. 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

My girlfriend and I were coming home from a trip downtown. We were able to watch the fireworks in front of the Boys and Girls club. Apparently, it has the closest view in the city. So I parked my 2000 Mercedes Benz E class (which is my moms) and we sat there waiting for it to start. We both sat in the back seat. The fireworks started and it was blazingly beautiful. Except I couldn't see it all because the car blocked some of the view on the inside.

Drats, I said... The car was fogging up because we were inside. We had the windows opened already though. Maybe it's too cold. I opened up the top view window also so that we could have a better view. The yellow ones sparked out. As I looked down, two Indo-Canadian girls that I thought I knew were sitting in the front of the car. I was cool with it, but then they left. Then a hardcore white guy with a track suit (not sure if he had one) came in. I was feeling afraid so I threatened them to leave. At this time, the fireworks were nearly ending. I was wondering how I was able to back into the grass lawn of the Boys and Girls club without anyone complaining and without the cops nurturing me about this. 

Then a really smart guy that I don't personally know named Pasta came into my car and started driving. His (girl) friend was in shotgun. I told him... wait wait wait wait.. but he drove up Victoria drive. He kept driving. I asked him... where are we going? He didn't answer. At this time I was thinking he was a very talkative person. He was. But not at this time.

So he parked around 10 blocks away, we were still able to see the fireworks. I suppose this was his intention. He parked here because we were simply too close to the fireworks. We all watched through the rear window. Then it ended with no climax. 

Now we are in a parking-lot. It is a huge mess that Pasta brought us into. It was late, there was one car wanting to get out except we were in the way. So he rammed towards us, I got scared because this was not my car. In the end there was no damage, thank god. We were at Dairy Queen, but we decided to go to the back alley, up the stairs to the cement-walk-bridge. We chilled there, got to actually talk to each other. Except, my girlfriend had to go. He persuaded us to stay longer. We talked more, connected and connected with his (girl) friend too.

"Alright let's go." I said
"Ok fine."
"I'll drive this time."
"No, I'll drive."
"......Ok, Fine."

We went back to the parking lot. It was a mess. My car spot was taken by two other cars. I was panicking at the moment, but at the same time I was figuring out how I can get out of this mess. My car was apparently rammed from behind so that the car went half way over the ledge to the other parking lot. Immediately someone who I can't recall (could've been Pasta), started moving the cars easily. One of the cars was an old style (1990s) car, blue. The other was some futuristic half car. 

So I couldn't fix it, I decided to drive the car straight the other way into the parking lot, taking up a few spaces without thinking. I was still moving the other cars so that I can make a way out. However, I saw a patrol cop coming towards me because I was tampering with other people's vehicles. I brought him over to my car.

"So this is your car."
"Yeah... I can explain."
"No, I ask the questions, you provide the answers."
"Wait, I was only here for a ..."
"Did you not here what I said?"
"Ok fine."
"How many car spaces are you in?"
"3... "
"What type of spot is this?"
"[insert questions I can't remember in here]"
"What type of sushi roll is this?"
"....... teriyaki? My favorite... Why are you asking this?"
"you're just stalling time so that you can give me a parking ticket!"

The cop looks at me with an uncaring stare.

Then I woke up to a random phone call.

Connections I can make to my day and life
Well, today my girlfriend told me that if we stayed at Yaletown a bit longer, we could've watched the fireworks. That was probably how the dream came about. For having Pasta in my dream, this intellectual person is in my Communication 130w tutorial and he talks a whole lot. I was staring at him in lecture today. For the hardcore dude, I was exiting the Skytrain and I saw a white male, probably aged 17, dressed in a full tracksuit with a man purse, and a Gucci hat. He was, on first sight, a fagget in my eyes. The Boys and Girls club, represented how I wanted to go home so badly because it is down my block. I like efficiency so I assume that once I finished, I could go home. My mom usually allows me to drive her car at night, that is why her car is in it.

As for Dairy Queen, I had icecream today to soothe my throat since it was hurting. The parking lot scene was a fear because I don't usually enjoy parking and have the phobia that someone might tamper with my car when i'm gone.


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