Lucid Thursday 3:00 AM - 1:00 PM

I started off going to D.T. to visit Daniel because he was doing something... and I was bored. I was just walking aimlessly that day. I saw Daniel waiting by the auditorium, it was a Thursday and I had nothing to do. Apparently, Daniel had been working here with some Indian people every Thursday because they would rent out  the auditorium to do some Indian shows. He offered me a job! I was excited on the inside but then I didn't want to say much on the outside. So I said maybe... and I'll meet u at the Bubble Tea place after you're done

I went to get Bubble Tea with some people and I had no idea who. On the first trip, it was with my regular friends... we sat there and chatted for awhile and then we left. I went out and asked what ppl wanted to do... they said get bubble tea. But we already got bubble tea. So we went back to that shop again with people like Kalson and Daniel and a bunch of randoms... the place was packed and it was 11AM. Since it was 11.. the guy that was working was really slow and I ordered something for take-out. I tried to order in Chinese because I didn't want to look like a fob. I had to ask what the Chinese words were and I still don't know what it is.

The drink took a long time to come and at one point the manager had cleaned up the table for us when I said that we didn't get our drinks yet. He gave us back our stuff. Then after I got my drink, half an hour later, more workers came in and the guy that made my drink LEFT. I got so pissed off, but then I left and drove people home.

 I was driving towards burquitlam drive, dropping some one off. Then as I did that, my mom called and said she used 400k bronze to move 0.01 meters for my stuff. I said what????????? So I went there and saw that she had done. It was supposedly something important she had to do.

I went there sat in this prison-like room and she told me this was "Gary's" room (my cousin). He just moved out... it turns out my mom was haunted by ghosts because of the fact that she had to put some stuff together. Now she wasn't. So then there was a flashback.

The flashback was telling me that she had to move these bronze carts with people, but then they went too far past the house and down marine drive. They tried to stop but couldn't and I was in some stage where I had to follow worms.

As I followed the worms, I had to climb up mountains and trees and up and down branches (yes in 3D!) I was cold and wet but I had to follow the worm. As I followed the worm, they could push the cart back up. They pushed it all the way back to the sidewalk and connected it all... but then now, since I got to the top, I got to choose what kind of ghost to be haunted with, there was a list of 300 and the numbers kept falling if I didn't climb. So I climbed and got 33 first... but I didn't want that, so I climbed to #1 and then ghosts started appearing everywhere.

I had to fight, fighting was the only option. My dad and I were fighting these things off, but we regained mana and hp every time we killed one of them with these sticks. They were running towards us endlessly and I had fought them with my friends too... but they were gone. We jumped to this really high area and just kept fighting them. But then suddenly, he fell! I didn't want to leave him, killed a few more, and just jumped down too.

I went down and then we had to go back up, but now the stage was in 2D. I just quit... then I remember going home and watching The Office. Dwight had dared Andy to take a shower in public...Andy went out of The Office into some washroom and was considering to take a shower, but then he went to a womans fashion shop ... I'm thinking La Senza or something, but there were booths for him to take a shower. He went to a booth and sat down talking to a girl...

Then he didn't end up doing that and I was invited to Science World with friends... It was a 19 plus party at Science World... so then I went to the parking lot and got Justin Ma to push me up to the VIP parking lot (apparently he was working) and then I rode on his parking thing and it was fun.

I walked in and I felt awkward seeing John Pham and random people from DT. We went into this 19+ party and they were checking for ID. I skipped the line cause I ninja'd it past the bouncer... but when I got in, there was no one there ... it was just a lame party and we sat in a circle. I was tying my shoes.


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