Lucid Propaganda 4 AM - 1:30 PM

My girlfriend and I decided to go driving... and she feared driving. So she let me drive her parents GLK. We went to a lot of places and we ended up in the west side of the city.

Then we hit someone's car as we were going out. Turns out, we were in Korean town where everyone was rich. We hit a rich guys car. So then we decided to hit and run... but that only led to us hitting more cars and making our car worse. Good thing our car was a tank, it didn't do much damage.

We were going back home and she was trying to think of a good excuse to her parents. Turns out we just drove it home and it didn't seem like there was a lot of damage. It just became a van after. Her dad was like it's fine lol.

Then after I went home and then my aunt decided to take all morals out of the world. So that means she divided the reasonable people to the people who follow her. Apparently I was still part of her side and was locked in. Her way or no way.

So then there was no dancing, no washroom, no brushing teeth no nothing. So then one night she brought in dancers for us to watch... I decided to imitate their shitty dancing and she banned me from her side of the world. I was on the other side describing what happend and how they could read books and stuff now.


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