Lucid Ghosts – 1:30 AM – 7:30 AM

So I was like totally driving with my mother. Then I totally had to move to a new school cause we got lost and stuff. But like, I was so scared because I didn’t know anyone and we were on the west side of Vancouver where everyone was rich.

So then we were like in Vantech or something and I walked in and expected to talk to a representative of the administration. But, there was no one. Only students that were dressed in black. I was dressed in black, with a coat on that wasn’t black so then everyone knew I was an outsider. I also had suspenders on.
Then everyone hated me so then there were ghosts!! Ghosts and stuff and I got scared and the only person I knew there was Chris Soo but he wasn’t really cool cause he is a guy that had other friends. So then I walked away and we were at a SAW scene. The toilet, of course… was scary. But then we got past that.
Then we were in a drug lab with Daniel and stuff. He had this really cool thing and I put jars of vitamin water there. He asked if I tried them all and that you should pour that purple one into the top. We were still at the school cause ya.

Then after that I went to a house, preferably not my house because it had ghosts too. I saw these gothic dolls near the window where it was thundering. I put them behind the piano and covered their faces. The ghosts disappeared… but I was still freaked out. 


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