Lucid Hell - 3:30 AM - 12:15 PM

I was taking a walk on the beach when I met up with a group of people and we wanted to conduct a murder towards these punk ass kids who were goth and emowand wore lots of make up and had honger hair.

My group gathered up and we began to list all of the things about them. We thought up of the different weapos we could use. We got scared cause this is our first time doing something like this. Soon after that We went out and were getting ready for a fight. We couldn't find them and then I was on 1000 ways to die. My way of dying was be drinking too much and then I walked around and barfed. They explained how barfing my stomach acid out could burn my alive. The acid that I barfed out created this huge hole in the ground and I fell into the hole, which also had huge spikes in it.

I imagined myself falling into the depths of hell, hence the spikes. Then my head pretty much shattered. But since this was hell, there was a pathway in the hole. It led to a secret Norway Russian base where they hung skeletons. It was one of the scariest things i've ever seen. But now I was watching a TV show about this and the show host brought me in there with him. Scary shit.

He told me there was one encounter with a life form and that was when he went to the washroom. There was a witch. So then the video shifted to the witch. There was a man walking around like a vampire and we could barely see his face. The guy walked back and forth and back into this corner where there was a broken hole. The camera followed him and then they show host explained whoever can modify this footage can win some money.

The video footage then had another guy in there and we were now in a game. I was holding a wii remote and as I pressed buttons, I was firing bullets at the vampire/witch. The witch started dying and exploding and everything. I cornered it into a little doorway and then killed it. It's head exploded. I thought it was just a little video trick.

Then I realized the whole room was on fire and I had to run out of the doorways epicly like a movie. The doors were closing and I had to open them one by one. These half-life 2 trucks came out and I thought I was playing Garry's Mod so then I shot the trucks... I realized that the trucks wanted to fix the scene.

After that I went back home and I went on /b/, surfed around for a bit and saw that there was a guy on my street telling them that they were too loud. There was a forum post saying telling /b/ they were too loud. So we went outside and began to walk to DT, I trolled the house on the way down the street. I yelled, Fuck! then some guy yelled back with Shit! I yelled... Dick! and the other guy yelled Pussy!

I laughed so hard and I looked at the guy who yelled back and it turns out he is some fat dude on a computer. I walked down the street with my girlfriend and I was wondering why she was here. I thought she was at the states. Then these two little girls ran in front of us. They were holding some sort of chain that seemed to hold their backpacks up. I realized this chain was one of those trick chains that I saw online. At the end of the chain was a magnet.

A commercial came on and began to promote the magnet. A chinese family who had watches... and bottles had the magnet chain things and began playing with it. They flipped the watch and blew the magnet as if it were magic.

Then as it ended, I was at a food court in lansdowne mall. I was buying some asian candy or something with my brother and a asian family with girls were like... oh these groceries are kind of heavy can you bring them to the counter for me. I did! They were like oh you're so strong. I realized that I was in Yaohon now and I needed to go to T&T next door at the plaza mall.

They offered to drive me but my brother and I just walked there.

Thats the end.


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