Lucid Lim Kee - 5AM - 11:50 AM

I was at Oscar's house today... we sat and chilled. Then we decided to go Lim Kee and eat some chicken fried rice.

My girlfriend was there, Johnny, Daniel and I was also there. Then Daniel decided to invite some douchebag that thinks hes really cool and sat down with us. We ate and he was cocky.

I really hated him and didn't think he was cool - but of course Daniel would think he's cool cause he's always friendly and stuff right? Then they left and this is the part where my guilty conscience plays in. Apparently, that guy didn't pay for his meal when they left... he had to make me pay for it, thinking the tricks on him... but...

The "cool" guy left his phone here and I sat there for awhile as they walked to Oscars house... His phone was a variation of my Nokia N96. Of course, he would thinks I would return his phone. But I decided to take it... except I had to wait longer. I was also thinking how the guy was gonna stab me and kill me because he was some hardcore cocky viet looking dude. But I didn't care much for him since he didn't pay his bill.

Although it was only 5.75$ for the chicken fried rice, he'd be losing much more money since his phone was here. I went ahead and got the bill and paid for it. I waited for along time for her to get the change... she just didn't seem to know how to get change!!

Then for some reason, he left behind his backpack too... so then I took his laptop. I had to bring home a lot of stuff... my own laptop/headphones and stuff... my girlfriends laptop and stuff... then for some reason I was wearing three jackets! I was stealing and looking shady. This is what i've become. I had to unplug everything from everywhere and get the plugs out of the way. I was carrying a massive load!

The cops decided to come in and search everyone... good thing they only searched the people sitting in the first two booths. They left and I was about to leave too because they finally gave me back my change. When I was about to leave, it started raining.

I couldn't leave then... but my mom worked at Lim Kee so I told her to give me a ride. She agreed and got off work early. She drove me elsewhere... not to home... but to Peterson's house. He was a really really big honger who has a girly personality.

We arrived there and I went in with my bags of stolen goods. I decided to play with his laptop first. Opened it, and saw that he was pretty much a drug dealer with two songs. I didn't want to log in to anything or else he would probably track me. I guess I succeeded in stealing! But what about my friends?


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